What kind of potting soil do you guys use?

What kind of soil do you guys use? My local grow store sells , the dank, soil but it’s like 45 dollars a bag but it’s awesome and the plant love it, so was wondering if I should just stay with it or if something cheaper would still do the job just as good.


Pro-Mix HP or BX is what I use inside which are commercial soil-less

mixes for the trade

what your grow store sells has a pretty picture and may or may not true soil

as in living

I bought 3.8 cu ft bales of Pro-Mix HP a few weeks ago they were 54 dollars

if you like real soil inside learn to build your own and recycle it if you

it can get spendy buying bags soil all the time

if you are a cash cropper it is just a cost of doing business :wink:

buy it by the pallet

all the best and be safe



I always stick to what I know, good soil, service.


not a bad soil and the price you show is good also :slight_smile:

I have thought about building soil over the Summer to bring inside for


I have been building soil in my outside gardens since 1996 as I have have a mix

of hard pan, rock and clay here

when I started in the greenhouses back in 1982 we would make all our soil to

fill pots to grow in soil-less was just starting to get in

the growers back then all made their own soil which for a greenhouse is a lot of work

mixing all the required elements to build it

after that putting all it in a steam bed to pasteurize it, I worked for a grower that

bought soil from a farmer to make soil for Tulips for Easter it was full of round up or

what weed killer they used and stunted 90 thousand Tulip pots with 3 to 5

bulbs each

we were using Pro-Mix that spring after that

in the end you cannot really beat a truly well made soil as it has everything your

plants need to grow strong

all the best and be well



I also use ProMix Hp an have started tuning Gia Green Nutrients , my girls absolutely LOVE It I’ve never been able to KEEP this vibrant green there was always something off , not now it’s completely GREEN but again it really depends on what you are doing :man_shrugging:t3: