What makes your grow special?

What does your cultivation facility do that makes it special? If our Canna Cribs production crew knocked on your door right now, would you want to show us around? What in your grow would you be most proud of? What do you do that makes your facility really special? Do you know a grower who is really doing it right or doing something novel or super cool? @memberdirectory, what attributes of a facility might you want to see? You never know, you might just see it in an upcoming episode of the show!


This is my handmade & cheap project that I made for covering the cannabis smell temporally, tel you have the ability for buying the carbon filter!.

So all what you need as what is shown in pics.
The (white Felt Cloth) & the (absorbent medical cotton) are two important tools. And whenever the fan’s speed fast and their power is good the smell will stick on the cloth fast as a first wall, and then on the cotton as second.

Finally, I would say something much better than nothing!!, and I hope you like my idea.

Thank for (@novicefarmervt in Instagram) Who recommended me to use a carbon scrubber so much!.

Thank you all!. Thank for the #carpenters who chopped the #wood as I ordered, who made the exhaust fans, and who made the all tools!.
A short video via YouTube if would like to watch. => https://youtu.be/7AQuuJqKa0g

image image image image image image image image image image image image


It looks like your device took some ingenuity! Pro tip: try adding some activated carbon (be careful, it’s messy!) to the center channel where the air flows through and you have essentially created your very own DIY carbon filter! This will work well to capture smells. FYI activated carbon is available from aquarium suppliers.


Very cool design… it looks very similar to commercial dust filter cartridges that I use to work with in the seed corn processing industry… Donaldson Torit brand comes to mind… it would be very simple to use one of their cartridges and put your cotton “sock” over the outside of it…

Great idea



GAm so proud for your evaluating my project and for your tips so much sir. I’ll try to add that and show you how it’s will work as soon as passible!.

I really appreciated that so much!.


What a advisors people you are all!. Honastly, you all love advising others to the right things!. I’ll try to compound your ideas all together on the project and see how it’s will work!, as soon as passable.

I really appreciated that so much sir!.


Me. im the magic.


LOL, Thomas I’ll have to give you kudos on your clever quip, then (the barb)… I didn’t know simple BS was the secret ingredient!!


I mean look. genetics,nuets,lights, etc. can only take a grower so far. A monkey can grow Cannabis. So I do like to think Im that special thing. I think every grower wants to feel that way. Its amazing the difference between two plants from separate growers. So BS naw not really, just having fun in the sun.


I think the most important thing for me has been a Pure Guardian 8000 series automatic with wand extension sonic humidifier warm or cool mist.
2gal tank lined with antimicrobial silver in food grade plastic.
This bad girl is fully auto. You set the humidity level and she will do whatever it takes to hold and stop on it’s own. Warm or cool mist. Mass mist or light mist. 2 way directional.
I really dislike humidifiers but this 1 is the only I buy.
It’s the brains of my operation. No joke. The Queen.
It makes life much easier for me while I’m gone 10hrs a day. Working 2 jobs.
Here is the cool part. If you use Co2 or even fungi bags, they will take the load off the humidifier and I clean it and fill it 2 times a week. It works perfect for CO2 or aggresive conditions.
This device is the attention to detail in my 5x5.
I can be perfect by adding this to the garden.
If I want 75% humidity daytime bam.
If I want 45%, 50% or 60% humidity at night bam.
All auto.
Upstairs I can moniter my weather station and let the garden run auto day and night.
I solute the Pure Guardian 8000.

2 weeks ago I dropped the 2gal tank and cracked the tank it slipped out of my wet nitrile gloove.
I called Pure Guardian and they charged me $10 for a brand new 2gal replacement tank, and $5 to overnight ship it!
I ordered at 12pm on a Fri. and the tank showed up on Sat about 1pm.
Pure Guardian for life!
They make a 1gal version in white.
The nightlight can shut off.
No remote control.
I use R.O. only.
I paid $80 brand new last summer in off-season.
Look for deals over summer on humidfiers.
This is one if the best tools a hobbiest can get.
Environment Environment Environment!


This is my greenhouse which I built it by cork!.

• No cabules tuch the ground for safety from run off!.
• I could feel the humidity is fantastic and as I noticed on the plants growing inside, am sure because the cork which is adjusted that acceidentally!.

My temporally project is not 100% perfect, but I could say something much better than nothing, till you own a green tent.

I hope you like it,
Thank you so much all.
Thank to (@noobnoobnugs in Instagram) for the light distance idea.


The activated carbon that you meant the one which in the 1st pic or the one which in the 2nd pic, or something other than those?

Thank you very much sir.

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