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What medical conditions are you helping your clients with?

Many of the folks I’ve talked to on here got into the industry due to their own or family members’ medical issues that they treated with cannabis. What conditions are you seeing in the clients that visit your dispensary for medical issues, and do they tell you about the benefits they are getting?


While I am not a client, I do have a rare genetic disorder called Fabry disease. I get a lot of nerve pain and have severe GI issues. CBD really helps with the pain and THC really helps with the GI.

I caregive for an individual with PTSD and one with complications of a spinal injury. Very different issues. The individual with the spinal cord injury gets particular care for muscle spasticity.


I hadn’t heard of Fabry disease before - just looked it up and it sounds painful. I use cannabis for my GI issues as well; I have Celiac and it helps with symptoms when I accidentally eat gluten. Helps with the cramping and the mood issues that happen when I get glutened.

I’ve seen some impressive videos of cannabis helping with muscular spasticity issues. Glad to hear that you’re able to help your clients with their problems.

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