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What models of extractor have you operated? What was your favorite?

Hello everyone!

I just figured we should get a general discussion thread going about people’s experienced with different kinds of extractors.

Have you run an extractor before? Have you ever seen an extractor? If you’ve never run one, but are thinking about buying one, what made you decide to get that one?

I’ve run a number of different models, including many different types of Bhogart units.

I have run their 6" horizontal systems, 12" horizontal systems, 16" horizontal systems, 24" horizontal systems, and 48" horizontal systems either assisting Bhogart do demos, working with a few different facilities full-time, or doing consultations. I have also run their old 5lb system, the kind that had a 12" diameter vertical base, and their old chopper stopper unit as well.

I also have brief experience using a customized Purge Labs unit, as well. It was a bit of a “Frankenstein” unit, however, made up of a Purge Labs 60L evaporator, two Manchester tanks, and some miscellaneous hosing and columns from Open Source Steel, Bhogart, and Extractor Depot.

I’ve used quite a few pumps with those systems, as well. I’ve used the TRS-21, the CMEP-OL, the Bhogart pneumatic gas booster, and both 80psi and 150psi versions of the Master Vapor Pump, as well as the Master Vapor Liquid Pump.

Where my specialty lies, however, is running their large 8-tube rack systems as well. The facility I currently work with has two large 8-tube rack systems, each outfitted with two Master Vapor Pumps each, and Iced Tech chillers. One primarily runs crude full-time, the other is primarily running live resin full-time. The big machines are definitely the most fun to operate!

So, let’s hear about your extractor experiences!


zero experience…I’m here to gather info and learn all I can before I jump in…I’ll be watching and learning


I am now talking with one Co. from Canada named Radient, we are working on a deal now for them to do all are extraction for us and the rest of the country… Microwave Extraction

Radient Technologies Inc (CVE:RTI) Receives Health Canada Standard Processor License - YouTube.

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Coleman thermos… . … just kidding

Tamisium TE-175, TE-700, BVV 1lb w/ dewax column, BVV MK IV, Mr Extractor (biggest POS), and a few homemade units modeled after “Graywolf’s” design. The Tamisium would be my first choice every time. Simple, unbelievably fast, and very little clean up between runs.