What next?

Good morning all, I have a few plants that looks good as a flower but is not producing any buds. What am I doing wrong?

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Are they photo’s? And are they outside all the time? If so they will start to flower when the weather tells them they are ready.


Is this a photo peirod plant ? Are you feeding and how much light feed or heavy? Looks like you need to get rid of some of that foliage (the yellow leaf’s and under nodes) unless this is auto?

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Your plants do not look sexually mature at this point. Once white pistols, indicating pre flower, are visible then the plant can go into flower. Either using photo period manipulation for indoor plants, or change of season for outdoor plants. If they are outdoor plants take precautions to remove any light sources near the plants or reveg could occur.


Hi @jpcsrva1, plants are looking good. You just need to wait until they start flowering, should happen when daylight hours go below 12/12, unless your seeds are auto’s.

Great advice @cannaphil , welcome to GN.