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What propagation hormone are you using in place of IBA?

IBA (indole-3 butyric acid) has been all but banned in many legal cannabis markets. While rooting hormones containing IBA are very effective, there exist many effective alternatives. Did you eliminate rooting hormones containing IBA? What are you using in place of IBA?


Aaaah, the efforts of our goodly constituents “Monsanto” who want to sell seeds; THEIR seeds.

Specific microbials work amazingly. They also improve germination and stimulate base-growth in seeds as well as cuttings. Works similarly to a baby that gets it’s mothers milk at birth versus those that don’t. Colostrum is full of natural hormones which accentuate the immunity system. Same goes for plants’ seedlings and/or cuttings. Make sure you soak them IMMEDIATELY at the point of cutting to eliminate air pockets. Better yet, cut them while immersed in a shallow bath of it at half-strength. I’ve been using “Symbiotic AGx” which is made by a friend whose had HUGE success with this stuff. It’ll even improve yields significantly. Any questions, let me know…

Professor Dave, Golden, CO.


Mostly I use aerocloners with no rooting hormones involved, but when there’s a big push I’ve used IBA gel for cuts going into trays of rockwool and am interested in alternatives.