What’s going on?

Greetings I am having issues with a seedling.

I am doing DWC
Spider farmer led 2000

From what I can tell this might be light burn. I had the seedling in rock wool and it was drenched so I lowered the water levels to right under the seedling.

I raised the light

I am doing the fox farm feeding schedule for hydrophobics.

Other seedlings are fine it’s just this one.

I looked today and it looks burned a little bit in the centers of the leaves.


Can you add a bit more nitrogen?

When I have some yellow, I usually pump up my nitrogen and add Cal Mag a few times.


I just did a flush. I was using well water and changed it to distilled.

My ppm is in range right now will added cal mag make it to hot?


Hi @cainofgroth, welcome!
First of all, if you’re using distilled water, ppm should be 0, starting. Not sure what you mean with “in range”? So if you start in distilled water, R/O water or very soft water it is advisable to up your EC to around 0.4 with Calcium & Magnesium before you add your macronutrients. That is 200ppm on the Hanna (500) scale or 280 on the Truncheon (700) scale. Then mix in your macro’s to whatever EC you prefer with your nutrient brand and PH afterwards.
Do you check your PH daily? And your water temp?


Yes I keep my ph around 6.0 my ppm is around 0580 based on the fox farm schedule.

My EC meter reads weird it’s 4 digits not a “.06” reading. I may have to get another one.


Can u send a picture of your meter?


Yeah give me a few I have to drive to the grow room.


Processing: 58B9FBFB-EB8E-43E8-8B65-171251C3937C.jpeg…


No need to get another one! :slight_smile: Just divide your reading by 1000. And that’s your EC (in milliSiemens/cm compared to microSiemens as how your meter is reading it now)

So you’re at an EC of 1.3 (1.276 to be exact).

Okay so that’s looking fine. I usually have an EC of 1.5 at this stage, that’s not far off.
Make sure to check your EC before you put anything in your water. Then add calmag up to 0.4, then add your nutrients to the EC you like.

I recommend you to work with EC now instead of ppm. EC is the best way to display the TDS of a nutrient solution because it is a universal unit. Unlike PPM which is EC x 0.5 or EC x 0.7. Since there are two different conversions of EC to PPM, PPM becomes an unreliable way to describe nutrient concentrations because you never know whether someone is using the same scale as you are.

PH looks good, EC looks ok, can be a bit higher imho, but that is not the problem here I think.

My best guess now is this might have been:

And keep watching how it is evolving…


So my EC is high.


I don’t think this is the problem. I think the well water’s EC or PH or both might have been way off tbh.

Also, water temp seems a little on the warm side, no? Better to stick around the 65-70 end I believe? Hydro experts, jump in.


As babies, with nutes my ec is .2

This is ml per gallon


If you were using well water I would presume you have a softener or something for water or was it straight out of the ground?


right out the ground. We are going to put in a RO filter soon. I had to buy distilled water. The yellowing seems to be goin away. After I changed the water and moved the light up.


@MrMonkey420 , very well explained!

@cainofgroth, YES SIR! you did good buying the distilled water until you can work with R/O water.
Believe me when I tell you R/O water just makes SOOOO many problems disappear!!!

@happyhippy, I understand you were asking a question to clarify the situation!
Not criticizing at all, but just wanted to mention for anyone that’s reading to NEVER EVER use softened water on any plants !!! It’s full of (Na) Sodium and will kill plants faster than bitch piss!!!


Hi @cainofgroth , welcome to GN and what amazing support you have got. Happy growing.


Thanks man I was going to tag you put wasn’t certain if it was you I was thinking of. And yea that’s what I was getting at lol.