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What’s your nutrient regimen?

What nutrients do you use during veg and flower?

What additives are your go-tos that you feel have the biggest impact on quality, density, or weight of your final product?


So many used, so much more to try. I feel like a nutrient regimen is a chef’s marinara sauce–it has the same base, but each chef has their own dash of this here, cup of that there that has yielded them good results. Then you keep on iterating until you feel like it’s perfected. Yet every once in awhile you get bored and want to spice things up so you try something new that you heard about from a friend. Then you play chemist and get that thrill of eeking out what little gains you can from you current regimen.

That said, I’ve used quite a few different base nutrients, but I’ve performed best using veg+bloom, advanced nutrients, general hydroponics, and mills. I’m sure there are more out there that can do the trick. Those are just my go-to’s. If you haven’t heard, this guy Hoagland Solution came up with the recipe for all elements and their ratios that nutrient companies base their formula off. Nutrient companies just tend to make slight iterations from this formula and split it into multiple bottles. Chemical understanding has progressed since this formula was first constructed, and nutrient development along with it.

Macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus §, potassium (K), calcium (Ca), sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg)

Micronutrients (or trace minerals): boron (B), chlorine (Cl), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo), nickel (Ni).

Good, now you can all buy elemental salts and make your own nutrients :wink: Okay, maybe not that easy, but you’d save a shit-ton of money! Assuming you have the time.

There are still some go-to additives for me including terpinator, roots excelurator, enzymes (hygrozyme, enzymes komplete, or cannazym), and floralicious plus. Those things are too hard to copy, so if you’re going to save money somewhere, do it with your base nutrients.


I use Veg+ Bloom which is a powdered nutrient base and I also use several other additives like AgSil16 which is a silicate and helps promote cell growth and stress tolerance. I grow in soil and coco and I am a huge advocate for Microbial inoculants and enzymes. These will help regulate PH in the medium, aid in break down of nutrient salts and organic matter as well as create a symbiotic relationship with the plant. There are a lot of points of view on the efficacy of Mychorrizae and bacterial inoculants on short growing annual crops like Cannabis, I base my point of view on personal experience using them in soil and coco. They make a huge difference in my grows and I notice a huge difference in terpene and resin production when using inoculants and enzymes as well as more colorful healthier plants. In my soil beds I use a very natural approach and do not use any salt based nutrients only compost teas, sprouted seed teas, cover crop, mulch and top dressing with dry amendments between my flower cycles. In my coco beds I use the Veg+Bloom line with some other additives I also use the compost teas and inoculants as well. If anyone has any questions about my feed regimen or anything else i mentioned or forgot to mention let me know and I will answer as best as I can.


Hey Everyone!

Over the years I have used a wide array of different base nutrients recipes ranging from the grotesquely complicated with tons of products to the extremely simple. As my grow ops have expanded I’m definitely preferential to the simple. At the moment I, like Satchi, am using Veg plus bloom. I feel like it is a great product for large scale farmers that allows you to spend more time on other yield increasing aspects of cultivation like dialing in your environment and really taking the time to get your hands on the plants and properly train and defoliate for max yields. I’m experimenting this run with using compost teas in conjunction with it. We will see how it goes :slight_smile:


The products that I use change depending on where I am, availability and stage of the project, throw me into a jungle with no paved roads and I will ship products that can be used as inoculates and compost starters. Anything that can give me nutrients that are easy to multiply without the need for specific products, rice, sugar, compost, grains and sand are available anywhere in the world. In an area where everything is available I usually build my own soil or soilless mix using coco, perlite,peat and compost, with naturally derived concentrated amendments such as Mr B’s Greentrees for example. These mixes can be grown with salts, mineral and organic inputs, or just with teas and top dressing depending on the system.
I prefer to recycle and reuse the substrate so reducing salt inputs to a minimum is important to conserve the integrity of the substrate. Regular testing will let you know which amendments to add prior to replanting.
Some of the additives I see good results from that are from bottles are Flying Skull Z7, BioNova BNXcel and Photosynthesis Plus from Microbelife.
AGSIL 16H, Aloe Vera 300X, Harpin proteins, Nitrozyme, Yucca Extracts and BnZym are all part of my foliar schedule to build immune system responses and cell strength and flexibility within the plants.
When brewing teas it is important to use a microscope to test the inputs for living biology prior to brewing, another test at different stages of the brew will help to verify that the tea is in fact burgeoning with life.


Bumping this topic for the newer folks. Anyone else want to share what nutrient products they use and how they are working for you?


A healthy soil food web with all the bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, earthworms and micro/macro insects and soil organisms working together in unison to provide optimum soil health. With fish and seaweed emulsion, compost teas, biochar, oyster shells, mixed composts and organic matter, cover crops, nitrogen fixing legumes and much more. By focusing on the health of the soil we provide a nutrient rich natural and organic ecosystem for our plants to grow in…


I took the hydroponic tomato recipe and tweaked it some to meet my needs. We have target ppm for each of the 13 macro and micros. I use fertilizer salts from Crop Production Services (commercial agro chemical supplier) and mix my own stock solutions, then our fertigation mixing unit mixes it according to our Ec and pH setpoints. We can produce the stock solution for about $0.30 a gallon. We take biweekly anlaysis and send to an ag lab for testing. We then tweak our stock solutions should we need to in order to maintain our target ppms.
We also add silica to the mix as well as beneficial microbes and probiotics like TerraGrow, Symborg MycoUp and Acadian seaweed.