What stage? New grower

Hello :wave:

First time grower & I’m just curious to how long have I got left on my first ever cannabis plant?

It’s an indoor autoflower Blueberry. Around 8 weeks in.
Overcome some trips and falls along the way so I don’t know if the buds swell as nice as some of you experienced growers… but I’ll have something I have grown & for my first time, I’m pretty impressed I’ll have anything at all :rofl:
I also recently trimmed some leaves off, probably took too many off?


Thankyou!!! :v::purple_heart:


Pretty! Give the forum a bit to wake up and get some experienced eyes on it. She looks pretty far along so my question is do you have a spot as well as the containers to dry and cure it?


I’ve got a hanging herb dryer, if that’ll do?
Plus for curing, some jars.
Unsure of to where in the flat I’d be doing that though, as downstairs is a tad too damp I think. The natural humidity down there has averaged at 60% most days.


Not bad for your first plant. :+1: looks like maybe 1.5 weeks before it’s close to being done. Do you have a digital microscope or a jewlers loop to examine the trichomes for ripeness checks?


I like this one. It works on my adroid phone and its cheap. I have a loop and one of those light up ones and its crap compared to this one im going to link.


Well from that one picture I would say you’re gonna have 100 day plant. Maybe a bit longer. Hard to say from that one picture. If you could blast us with several pictures whole plant and maybe a couple close as you can and still be a good focus would help. As far as curing or drying, 60% humidity is perfect. If you can get your temperature down to low 70s or better yet high 60s, that would also be perfect. Air movement around your flowers but not directly on them. Try to stretch it out to 10 days if you can seven will do fine but 10 would be better if possible.(I Rarely make it 10 days).

From what I can see, you are doing excellent for your first plant…:+1:t3::v:t3:


Thank you!!! That is exactly what I need.
Thank you again :pray:



Yeah, you have a ways to go. They’re gonna double in size at a minimum. They’re going to get nice and fat. What are you feeding them?


Plus thank you for kind comments but I’ve had loads of information from you guys :sparkling_heart: couldn’t of done it without you…



That plant looks good. You said you thought you might’ve trim too much, I don’t think you did. Maybe even not enough but I think that’s a discussion for your next grow.

This is just a guess from looking at this picture but if you look at the circle in red at the bottom of the plant the flowers are much smaller much lighter colored. I would say just guessing with all of the smaller stuff it is lighter in color towards the bottom of the plant was covered up completely before you defoliated and all of the stuff that is darker and larger flowers sticking out of the top circled in yellow stretched up towards the light and we’re not as covered.

Do you have a lot of small/very small flowers that are light green in the center of your plant?


And @bethalogical that is how they do it on the GN Forum. Welcome to party and get yourself decent helmet :wink: