What was the most challenging part of starting your cannabis business?

We all had to start somewhere, and we all had issues when we started our cannabis related businesses. What was the most challenging part of starting your cannabis business? How did you raise capital to start? How did you secure licensing? Issues with partners/investors? Let’s chat challenges!


Dealing with the partners. Never go 50-50 on a business partnership. Make sure someone always has the absolute final say or it’s gonna be a headache.


LOL, reminds me of the old adage “Partnerships are just like marriage, except they are at least twice as costly getting out of!”


The stigma.

When I told mum about my Cannabis website she got sad, angry, and … mean.

She called me a drug addicted pothead.

But … things have changed and now she is treating her arthritis with CBD oil (which I sent her). And it’s the only thing that works for her.


Being in Europe, for us the most challenging part is getting all document prepared for licence acquisition, another thing is start up cost, as all facilities should be build and operated under GACP and GMP standards. Finding growers familiar with cultivation of cannabis in Controlled Greenhouse Environment is also quite challenging, i have to admit.

What are the main restrictions in US ?


Amen to that! :clap:


Thanks for sharing that insight. I suspect many people have preconceived ideas about cannabis… (and many other things). Like your mum, it takes time to understand the value and benefit of something you may not initially understand. Kudos to her for the willingness to try cannabis for its medicinal properties.


@Growernick from my “external” perspective I spend a lot of time thinking about the challenges and stresses cultivators are feeling. We truly only want to be in a space, where we can offer a solution. Is our solution the right one for everyone? No.

Because we manufacturer grinders and shredders for Cannabis waste management and Hemp Preconditioning - sounds like we’d be a natural fit. We have more than 40 years of solid performance to prove our products work.

With that said, we don’t make cheap products - we make products that last for decades - (Our oldest working unit is 39 years old).

This means - we MUST be at the front end of budgeting for growers and not the back end. Cultivators and Conglomerates that don’t plan for us, usually go the way of wood chippers.

This is a temporary fix. It’s one that works - for the short term - but, I guarantee most growers buy several per year to manage waste.

We prefer to work with companies up front - fly to your location if we have to - create custom specs, run grind tests - do site visits after the fact and so on. (That’s what you’re paying for) - Lowe’s and HomeDepot - (love them both BTW :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:) - will not do a site visit for a wood chipper that has been beat to hell with massive throughput.

It can be expensive and that’s a challenge for nearly all start-ups. We understand that. There’s the “Ikea” version and then there’s the furniture your parent still have from when you were in 3rd grade.

Quality makes all the difference.