What wastes your time

What in you daily activities is the biggest waste of your time and resources?

Foliar preventative sprays. Organic chems must be applied to the bottom of leaves, which is exceedingly difficult in larger gardens (and when plants are on the ground.) A bottom-up fogger system would be awesome.

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Electrostatic sprayers will solve your problem on getting the spray where you want.

Here is an example Hand held

It is also useful to use a fruit tree volumetric calculation for determining the amount of spray you will need.

I bet there are some YouTube videos demonstrations of these in use.


Thanks Ethan, I have an electric fogger which appears to have longer reach, but the tank is only 2 gallons and it’s cumbersome to use for more than a couple minutes. I currently use a 9 gallon 12V cart sprayer with a longer hose and spray wand, but I’d like an under canopy system more like this



If you want bigger and strong there are some electrostatic sprayer with 500 gallon tanks.

The last time I used one we played with on the pH of the spray. This had a big effect on the particles.

There is a model out of the Netherlands that has the strongest charge I have ever seen.

You could also try adding a small opposite charge directly to your plants. They do this in some large fruit tree operations.