What we thought we knew

Make no mistakes I started growing to learn and still get high. I have now grown at least 30 plus plants over many life cycles. I have grown roughly the same number of autos and reg or feminized seeds. Now this is going to sound dumb and wrong but bare with me it will ALL MAKE SENSE. When I started Autos I lived under the notion that both autos and feminized reg buds both still live the same life cycle of development just light shortages on differences. (For the most part this seems true but is vastly different I now know). So as i dive further into autos (I grow to what space I have available) I start with the notion I can learn from this auto how to stretch and still harvest. So I grow my girls to the best of my ability and like most at this point ( I stop cause I know I can’t out grow my bucket). They flip and like anyone I focus on top down(knowing like anyone I can’t get longer bud cycle but can get swelling in my buds) I finished by Taking early and get proper to easy secondary bud no problem seems easy enough.(so I thought). I move on in what I’m looking for in growth(I’m no longer stretching or looking to to get proper secondary bud development. As I start my next round of autos (I came up with an inconsistent flip) as I tried to promote secondary growth( I got in proper swelling what?). At this point in my growing of autos I shouldn’t of got any inconsistent growth(why). Next round I’m back to stretching so I get what I felt was optimal growth( they flip when they flip I’ve noticed something) as see this I put what keep really( knawing at me and any grower why did I miss) there is a direct and easy correlation I came to see(no red hair development at a certain point?) So I finish now what I think is PROPER? For optimal stretching of buds secondary growth I’ve got extra (weeks) of on my finish and now have a bud as pretty at both(best I can ever do right).As I discard my bucket being an auto or feminized plant she(can do no more)nothing else to achieve. But what’s this(now 4 weeks later just discarded on porch) I see growth ( what the fuck) that isn’t possible at all. I know I have to find out was there another round I missed ( you can’t swell twice she don’t develop that way). What is this? I know emediatly( mid year I had my outside girls) start my seeds waiting to show someone what I think I’m seeing. ( At this point I through all I thought I knew and grew only to what worked best) I started by stretching ( I found she didn’t flip until I could no longer stretch and grow to no more room) is it that simple. I know have growth beyond my roots my buckets shouldn’t do this(what is this?) She flips know I can make not only a clear distinction( look for the farthest point in on your where you see a clear distinction of red and white hairs) at what point do I cross this line? I now with certain I can harvest all( red hair developed no further but all)and get not a swell but A longer BUD Development STAGE.( Dormat hiding in a stage (why). I miss my chance to harvest( pushing why am I’m the only one to notice (watching my trichomes to see when she is exactly at the point of red hair growth past that point) EXACTLY when she is at he most optimal. WAIT WAIT(now sheWAIT(now she has red hair but only right at the point of transitioning but only on spot) I sit and over the next 1 hour ( I watch a signal being sent through my girls hair with a clear and distinct message) YOU CAN NOW ALL FINISH NOT LIGHT BUT DEVELOPMENT THOUGH A SIGNAL. And start from what I can tell this process over and over if can stretch but catch your red hair development. The same process that gave autos the ability to have no light cycle. Also gave her the ability to keep bud development down in one place and promote in another until told otherwise.(keeping under red hair development) she appears to have created many layers if light is precieved to have gotten darker or further away. She will continue to create buding points as a flash that will grow(remember the bucket) until that’s signal comes regardless of what you think will continue to develop. This is as much as I know for sure the reality is I found way more than ever thought don’t believe me go look at your autos and look at RED HAIR development you will come to where I am. The fact is I won’t be able to recreate without HELP for four months my girls grow


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