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What would be the first step to get into the Cannabis Industry

Hello everyone , I’m new to all of this and I was wandering what to do to get a job Cannabis related.

Education and experience and meeting the right people to get u a job for some1 in the industry or find a partner and do t ur self Wich isn’t easy

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Depending on where you are located, there could be several options. The first thing just about anyone in any form of agriculture will tell you is to just do it. In other words, start growing. Experiential learning is incredible. If you are in a rec state or have a medical card, then this is where I would start. The other option is to stop into a dispensary and ask them. Many growers are looking for trimmers, and that is a good way to get your foot in the door.

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I’m from California and yes I have started growing everything going wee so far

A good place to start @luis is a dispensary technician job at a local dispensary. That’s the easiest way to get your foot into the door and start meeting people. post lots of local cannabis jobs. That would be a good place to start if you don’t personally know anyone in the industry already.