What would make trimming more comfortable?

Welcoming any comments or ideas on what would make trimming more comfortable…What works for you?


Hi @ritchiedesign , a whole bunch of equipment can help alleviate the pain and drag of trimming. Growershouse.com has all the tools necessary to speed that process up and make it more bearable.

  • A trim bag to help you trim larger crops easily.
  • a trim bin for ergonomics while trimming
  • drying rack to help dry those nugs
  • top class scissors for less pressure on your hands
  • gloves to keep resin of your hands and the nugs clean
  • humidity packs to make sure your nugs dry perfectly.

All of these products are neatly packed into an essentials kit below:


Well what do you mean comfortable? Standing to much? Hands hurting from hand trimming? Heres what i do. Trim bins are a must have for me. Like 2-3 of them. Some nice stools or couch to sit on.

  1. Remove all fan leaves on the plant as much as possible while its on the plant.
  2. Then i cut all the branches off and hang them on a clothes hanging rack.
  3. Then i let it dry for 3-5 days.
  4. Then cut the buds off and into trim bins.
  5. Then i jar them up.
    If there to moist i cut the buds off into cardboard boxes lined with parchment paper. And i move the buds around every day so they dont get flat spots. Gotta rotate them buds!

Find someone to do it for free lol.



Well thats pretty easy to do here. Its called a trim party!! :partying_face::partying_face: a few stoners some fat cone joints a little beer/liquor. Each person has a seat and a trim bin, gloves, trimming snips. Then everyone hangs out smokes a little, drinks a little. Then you bring in the big tubs of plant branches. And start dividing them up and watch how fast they get trimmed :+1:


It would be great if I could get a women’s roller derby team to do all of my trimming for me. I could watch that all day.


I want to be there for trim party!


Lol so weird


my method is very similar to Preybird’s.

Take off large fans that block bud sites after day 30, I then remove any ugly leaves every time I feed or water after that. If I know I’m gonna chop in a few days? I begin to take off many leaves.

After I chop I cut all branches off the plant and toss them on a mesh rack for 4 days or so. Check RH and use paper bags if RH is not 62% or less.