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What would you recommend someone who wants to eventually open up their own dispensary/ nursery?

What are the ins and outs… Knowing there are many hurdles to cross how to avoid legal run-ins?

You’ve asked a very big open ended question that will have many answers. So I will be broad in my answers. If you already have some cannabis experience you probably know some local people you can speak with. If not do plenty of research/homework on this topic. Any endeavor or business venture requires the passion to get a problem(s) solved. See how you can bring something to the table that is unique from your competition or be able to out do your competition on many levels.

Whatever you decide to do and if it does not work…DO NOT LOOK AT IT AS A FAILURE BUT A STEPPING STONE TO SUCCESS! That is if you take what you’ve learned and pull yourself up and start again. Hard thinking makes hard work not as hard as if you don’t put plenty of thinking in first. Plan and plan and plan again before you invest $$$$

You don’t have to be a genius to be one in business, but you have to invest more time than money. You can always find money if you have the vision and can show some traction.

Good luck and much success!


Consult with a good attorney that knows your area/county/city/town and learn about them yourself.

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