What's going on with my plants?

Hi, I’m growing in coco perlite mix in an autopot system. Not sure if this is a calmag issue or something else. This is my first grow in coco. I use 1tsp of calmag with no nitrogen per gallon. I’m debating if it was the foilar spray I used a couple weeks ago or if it’s something else. Opinions please.


Did you spray with the lights on or near when they come on if so they probably burnt


What’s your pH?

Looks like ca deficiency.

Get some
Cal/Mg and I’d flush with 6 pH to ensure no lockout




Yeah, I’ll be honest. I did spray them while the lights were on. The bottle advised against it. The spray was only 1/2 strength but right now it’s a toss up between my mistake with the foliar spray or Calmag issues.

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I’d say you’ve definitely got a calcium deficiency @drebeesie. Packee gave you great instructions to get on top of that. Yea, definitely don’t foliar spray when your lights are on. Up your cal-mag a bit and your new growth should start looking better. :v: