What's going on with these leaves?

This would have been better in plant problems but it wouldnt allow the post at all so I’m trying this instead…

I’m a first time grower and I’m not sure what issues I have here but it looks like two different things going on. On two plants it looks like the same thing to me and on another it looks like something else.

I just noticed these in the last 3 or 4 days. On the most mature plant and the one that has one spot on each leaf I assume it’s Septoria from everything I have read and all the pictures Ive seen so far.

For the little one that has a lot on the leaves I’m not completely sure that’s not Diatomaceous Earth that also got some neem oil sprayed on it. But maybe it’s another issue. It seemed to just appear after I had gotten the two things on those leaves. I dont know if I hadnt noticed it until I came back to look at them or if it all sprang up over the course of a few hours. If that was the case I would assume it would have spread to the rest of the leaf, completely yellow by now. It doesnt seem to be spreading on that one though.

The little one with a single spot on each leaf has one spot that appears to be darker in the center though it’s not easy to see with the picture here.

If it makes any difference these are 3 different strains. The biggest one is Euforia, the little one with a single spot on each leaf is sitting right next to that one and it’s Gorilla Cookies. Then the little one that has a lot going on is LSD.

If that’s septoria is there anything that can be done without having to scrap the plants? They’re so young. I’d hate to have to toss em this early but I really dont want it spreading to others.

If that’s septoria would the neem oil kill the spores on the leaves?


Welcome to the forum and the family. Listen to @Slym3r @nacho151 . They are very experienced and knowledgeable about their craft. And good luck with your grows :+1:. I’ll be keeping watch to see how they turn out. P.S. im also a newbie ,


Welcome to the forum! Would you mind posting a closeup picture of the last 2 pictures. Right now they pixelate when expanded, and hard to see what’s going on with them.


Welcome to the Growers Network family. We are very excited to have you here growing with us. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Fill this out and we can diagnose your issues better.

Grow Journal Check List

Strain (bagseed too):
Indoor, outdoor:
Tent, Room Size:
Light height:
Temps (day and night):
Relative Humidity (day and night) :
Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) :
Pot sizes:
Soil, Coco, or Dwc:
Nutrient type:
Ph numbers:
Ec and PPM:
Water Temps:

Seed germination date:
Veg duration:
Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water):


Ill do my best to answer here.

Seedbank: 1 of the places I got seeds from was crop king seeds. Not sure of the other
Strain (bagseed too): Gorilla Cookies and LSD came from Crop King, Euforia came from another place
Indoor, outdoor: Indoor
Tent, Room Size: Their space is about 6x8 feet
Lighting: I’m just going to copy and paste the info for the lights I’m using >> “LBW Grow Light with Stand, Dual Heads Full Spectrum Grow Light, 200W LED Plant Lights for Indoor Plants, Auto On/Off Timer, 6 Dimmable Levels, 3 Switch Modes, Adjustable Tripod Stand 15-63 inches” — I have 1 head per plant of those
Light height: At the moment I have 99% seedlings and the light is about 18 inches above them right now >>> and theyre on 24h light. I know some ppl say 12/12 some say 18/6, some say 20/4 some say 24. They’re not photos and I have seen enough folks saying the go with the 24 and it does from fine to better than other schedules. This is just one of the things I will have to test for myself with all the different stories being told. They cant possibly all be correct or truthful with the way they conflict.
Temps (day and night): range from 77ish at night to 85 in the day… that’s just the range. its in between there all the time.
Relative Humidity (day and night) : This has been a bit high. Its ranged from 42% to 77% - right now its 65% and usually it is about 60-65%
Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) : Portable AC w dehumidifier + 3 fans and not that it seems I will need it, but I got a humidifier too. One of the fans is a high velocity fan and the other two are 8 inch fans - non directly on the plants, but they’re all dancing in the wind for me. Not too much
Ventilation: Normal air circulation with the fans, a/c, and a small open window in the back
Pot sizes: 14" - 15" - 21"
Soil, Coco, or Dwc: Back to the Roots Organic Premium Blend All-Purpose Potting Mix
Nutrient type: I have the Reefertilizer all three… Start, Grow, and Bloom - Once transplanted I will add the start as a surface layer, the one in veg now is on the Grow… none on Bloom yet.
Ph numbers: Dont know but it’s less than 1 in 5 that are having issues so Im guessing the Ph is fine as far as I can tell by the majority of them
Ec and PPM: My newbieness shines through here 100%… Not even sure what you mean with this one.
Water Temps: I use spring or distilled water in jugs that sit in the same room as the plants. Room temp for that range
Co2: Just what is floating around in the air at the moment

Seed germination date: The Euforia sprouted on the 13th of July / planted on the 8th. The rest were planted around the 31st through the 2nd and came in between 8/2 and 8/7. Only one seed didnt germinate and it was replanted/replaced I think yesterday
Veg duration: Cant say for most. The oldest one has been maybe a week or so
Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water): This is what Im following now:

During germination - 3 to 7 ounces every 4 to 7 days
During Veg - 10 to 20 ounces every 2 to 4 days
During Flower will be - 24 to 50 oz every 2 to 3 days

Initially I was overwatering (every day) but I caught that before I planted the 2nd seed. The above schedule is just what I came across a couple of days ago and thought i would give it a go.


@mb2023 pH is super important for food uptake in the plants. Ppm or ec is parts per million which tells how strong the nutrient mix is. Say like in flower I run about close to 1200 ppm maybe higher as I havnt checked that in a long while. pH is extremely important tho as of pH is off the plant won’t uptake food the right way and stall bad possibly die off. I’d def invest in a pH and ppm meter but atleast first start off with a pH meter. Apera pH 20 is a solid pH meter will run u between 50 and 70ish bucks for it but if u get apera make sure u get the apera storage solution also. They have cheaper pH meters but like said u get what u pay for exactly the same case when it comes to grow lights. Lights are a major factor in trying to get good product. Trying to mimick the sun is a pain in the butt but some lights out there give off a solid ass plant. Hope u find all u need to keep these babies alive. Happy growing sorry @Slym3r it didn’t give me a comment option on his last post. Why would that be??? I’ve been on several posts that don’t give the option to comment and I don’t get why I never experienced that before when I was on everyday now it happens alot on a lot of posts. Lol


@Mark0427 Oh okay. I wouldnt know the specific parts per million off the top of my head. I’m just going by the teaspoons per gallon depending on age as instructed on the package.

But yeah… I will definitely be going to order that PH meter as soon as I close this page. I’ve already spent a bit of change on all of this. I want to say over a thousand. I’m not going to let it go to crap over a 70 meter at this point.

But better safe than sorry. I guess Ill go ahead and order more gorilla cookies. They seem to move along much faster and better than the other strains. I’ve got Euforia, Northern Lights (none planted at the moment), LSD, and none of them seem to hold a candle to the gorilla cookies.

Maybe this set up is just better for that strain or maybe that strain is just faster than the others.

I certainly appreciate you reminding me about the nutrient uptake being tied in with PH.

Is the ppm so tight that it requires a meter? I think I should be able to come pretty close with a calculator and measuring it all out. But like I said, I dont want to lose em all over a few bucks right now.


@nacho151 I’ll certainly try to get some better images. It just didnt want to focus for me


Shit. I’m a. Bit deep over 10 grand lol maybe more. Seeds would take me over the top lol I have a ronage of seeds like 130ish flavors