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HHey everyone, having a bitnof a problem. Have 5 plants just over 2 weeks old. Currently in starter pots. Have about 3 nodes on them and started noticing some purple stems and leaf veins. Decided I would feed at half strength. Everything looked great. Checked on them yesterday they needed water all pots were dry. Gave them food and water yesterday. Checked my run off ph. Ph qatwr to 5.6 going in and water out was 6.8 ph. A couple of the plants seem very droopy today and didn’t seem to enjoy the feeding. Not seeing signs of nute burning, leaves are still nice and green but just droopy. Other thing I noticed was ec going in was around 1.3 ec coming out was 2.0 what amni missing here? Ec and ph seem to high and I’m prettt certain I’m not ovwrwatering. As I said all plants were dried back basically the same. Soil was dry on top and down past my first knucle. Even turned the medium a bit to get more air flowing. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone

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At first I thought drooping leaves was ovr watering, which is often the case. But with the runoff increasing so much, you might be having nutrient buildup or possibly a root problem. For starters, slow down on the nutrients and keep checking pH, can you post pictures?

@chrisj yep no problem, was having some technical difficulties yesterday.

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the bottom picture is the one that seems to be the most offended. The rest seem fairly happy from what I can tell. But the picky bitch on the bottom is the one that is top left corner in the top pic. Can’t ever seem to get leaves to straighten up and she seems to dry back faster than all the rest.

maybe they are ready for a bigger pot? with leaves outside the pot/ drip line i think i would provide more space for roots

@tubular thats what i was thinking, they are going into some 1 gallons tonite after work. Along with some great white

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Yip, give them some new pots and let those roots settle and stretch.