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What's In A Glove

Hi! It’s David from PRIMO Healthcare here. We’re interested in learning more about your GLOVES!

Most reputable growers and facilities maintain guidelines for handling, cultivation processes, infection control, maintaining product integrity and establishing a safer work environment for their teams.

Using the right gloves is a CRITICAL component to your quality control assurance plan. They are also one of the most-used items in cannabis supply chain operations! As a matter of fact, the facility manager at one of our cannabis wholesale customer sites is ordering over 100,000 gloves per month!

So in order to serve you better, we want to know - what gloves are you using right now? What material are your gloves made out of? What do you need to “feel” to be confident you’re using the right ones? What colors do you prefer? Is quality or source important to you?

PRIMO is an established healthcare company and one of the largest suppliers of gloves to cannabis supply chain. We work one-on-one with operations management, quality control and value assessment teams to deliver the highest-quality products that drive productivity and reduce the fixed costs of operations.

Our gloves are FDA approved, 100% satisfaction guaranteed and are the very same used by hospitals, surgical teams and physicians nationwide. We can deliver from one box up to a full shipping container at a time, just about anywhere in the U.S.

Please feel free to contact me directly to review your facility’s procurement supply needs!

David Howlett
PRIMO Healthcare
[email protected]

Available for the Holidays!
BLACK GLOVES (Powder-Free Nitrile, Latex, Chloroprene) FDA APPROVED
Pre-order yours now and save an additional 10% off of our already-low GN pricing!


I love Black Lightning gloves. They are pH balanced so your hands never sweat in them. Amazing!


Sure, they are a great brand too I can see why you like them Nick!

Our new chloroprene-based glove has been getting rave reviews. All the tensile strength of latex but with the flexibility and comfort of neoprene. Some of the top surgeons in the country are now using PRIMO gloves exclusively because of their superior feel and sensitivity. And because we are factory-direct, we can offer true value pricing without sacrificing superior quality.

We’re about to place our next factory-direct order for Black gloves and masks and taking pre-orders now! All FDA approved and 100% guaranteed satisfaction!

We love saving growers money and becoming more efficient. Ask me how!


We prefer to use butyl rubber gloves for many applications at our facility. Can you provide competitive pricing rates for butyl gloves?

We use acetone for some of our cleaning and frankly chloroprene isn’t as resistant as butyl rubber.


Are there gloves that your hands don’t sweat in?

For me the biggest problem are sweaty hands.

Can someone make non-sweat gloves? Maybe with ventilation.


Black Lightning gloves are pH balanced so you don’t sweat in them. They are pretty amazing. I brought a box to my tattoo artist during a long session and he was in awe that his hands never had a drop of sweat. I love them for long period of work when I have to keep my gloves on. They are pretty durable too!


Interesting. I didn’t know PH balancing will do that. Gotta try it out.


Thanks @ArcataXtractions. Unfortunately, we do not carry butyl-based products but we will certainly explore an opportunity to source them!


@Growernick thanks for the feedback!

We have not encountered the pH issue before…our users are known to wear gloves for extended periods of time, so hopefully that means they are quite comfortable!

But since you asked, we have asked our product team for more information :grinning: