Whats the best reflective material for grow room walls?

Im using a white heavy plastic to line my walls for light reflection. Is Mylar better? Paint? What is better?


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Flat white is the best option, I think.


I’ll chip in my two cents on this topic:

I love Panda Film (5.5 mil B&W poly) for lining walls. I have built large facilities using Panda Film to break large warehouses into individual rooms. I use it to line solid walls with a clean plastic surface that can easily be sprayed and washed down. It’s cheap and easy to hang. It’s even easier to tear down. It’s great for commercial and home grow applications.

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Thats what Im using now…I have used mylar in the past and find it hard to work with (in smaller areas)…Ive heard its easy to get ‘hot spots’ from it as well, but its very reflective


Plain flat white but mylar will do fine.


I love Panda Film as well.

And also like flat white paint.

If using fluorescent, or most types of LEDs, you won’t have a problem with “hot spots” from “lensing”.

This is kind of like burning stuff with a magnifying glass, and as with large telescopes, you don’t need to have the light pass through a clear material like glass, you can use curved mirrors.

HID lights that produce a lot of “heat”/IR in their spectrum can cause this actual burning type “light” burn because of a “lensing” like effect.

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I built my veg room out of polypro and I love it. It wipes down easily and never have a mold or mildew issue. It’s sturdier than panda film. It’s a form of inso board and only costs 10$ for a 4x8 sheet. So for 70$ And some gorilla tape u get 4 walls and a ceiling and have a 4x8 room.

I was told by a few people u can’t build a room out of it but so far I have found them to b dead wrong.

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I’m liking the reflective liner you can find in the insulation isle in Home Depot. It also has small bubbles in it and can be cut with scissors or knive. Tapes up fairly easy with silver duct tape for a sealed room.

Ceilings and walls. Good luck.
It’s light weight as well. User friendly


I know this is a few days old but I watched this video a while back that shows the differences between surfaces on grow rooms. I found it interesting. Hopefully it’s ok to post a YouTube video? @macgyver_stoner if not ok just remove and I’ll type up the short version notes.


The video kind of settles it. 20% increase in releflection when using decent reflective mylar. I still go with matt white paint. Its the easiest to maintain and clean.


I just got some egg shell paint the other day. I’m about to shit down the grow and finish my rooms for the summer heat coming.

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Whit microbial paint