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What's your lighting setup?

I shared that link out on one of my facebook groups this morning, people were excited!

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They are on the right track. The absorbtion and use of photons at different frequencies is different. For instants green light long thought to be not very usable by plants has been recently shown to penetrate deeper into the plant and hence utilized by deeper chloroplasts compare to blue/red frequencies.

To optimize light linear programing is required to calculate the weight of each variable.

I met with a DC grower today that has two spare 600sq ft rooms he is willing to let me develop grow systems in. I am looking for growers/investors that would like to help cover my costs in exchange for use of the technology and/or return.


Hello growers…

Current lights in use:
NextlightVeg8 - LED -210w
T5 - 8 bulb -454w
630w LEC (2x 315 bulbs)
315w LEC
Gavita 1000w DE

I’m a big believer in full spectrum lighting and the enhanced UV you receive in the LEC/CMH …

I am looking to learn more about lighting schematics as I am look to cross light LEC/CMH in a new operation.



Current Gavita 1650 LED on a 8x4. No controller. On a mover. 18 inches above net.


like your products. will want to check a light out soon.


Right now the fad seems to be 1000w HPS checkerboarded with 1000w 4000k CMH. In my opinion this is because they have not yet realized the benefits to flowering with the 3000k CMH. American Cannabis Co is testing 100s and 100s of our 4000k with HPS in commercial grows. Once they that research is conducted I will start working on switching them to our 3000k to replace the HPS. One thing you hit the nail on the head with was UV. This is how we have separated ourselves from every other CMH manufacturer in the industry. Our lamps emit the most UV emitted without damaging the plant. If your interested in the cross lighting I encourage you to see what we are all about. The best place to see our results is on Instagram. Everyday there is another success story from a happy client. Happy growing.


I would be interested to hear more about your light’s UV output. I swear by the efficacy of UV light on terpene cannabinoid production. How much UV are are your CMH lights outputting?


The maximum we can emit without killing plants. I will just leave it at that. LOL.

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Where do you purchase your light serup from? @Robogrow

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I am very late but are you still seeking growers/investors?

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