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Whats your positive influence in life

Besides growing and smoking what is it that makes you happy… mine is the beach… I grew up surfing skating… I haven’t been to my spot that I know so well in years I finally took my wife and kids… about an hour drive… life is crazy


@scotty17 Same here man, born and raised up here in OC and now I’m raising my two boys here. I love traveling & landscape photography, other times I’m always working in the kitchen.


Thats true artistic stuff right there bro… you have talent


Mine is probably growing, cooking and traveling. I have No pics to post though. nice pics btw love the beach too especially in when summer is turning fall


Magic pictures @jtobidon . Anything outdoors and my animals. Went for a walk yesterday to catch the sun going down. It was a special walk feeling the love from my boys. As me and my partner sparked a joint, they both literally came and sat on our laps and smothered us with love. So that is my positive influence, cant get better. A good view, a joint, my partner and our dogs.


I to seem to have the same loves… the ocean, nothing like it. Florida for many thenSurfed coata for 10 years i love being outside my dogs and my plants.!! Latest are my 3 baby God Bud!!!


That husky life!!!


Very good, I used to be in the kitchen before covid, now I’m trying the rediculously difficult task of combining my career with cannabis. In ten years when the laws are different, I want to be one of the first canna chefs in Massachusetts


Pretty much all of the Humanities are my life’s blood. Art, live music, photography, literature, film…and have had the pleasure and privilege of making my living and gaining recognition from all of those categories. Equally so, my marriage is also my life. I bought that ticket, I’m taking the ride, right? A close second to my compound first is travel. Trips to Vienna, Prague, Berlin, southern Sweden, the Great Lakes and other points around the Western Hemisphere. Hopefully I can feel safe traveling again someday.

I’d post more photography, but all my favorites are NSFW. :wink: (By the way, this street corner is featured in the new season of Fargo on FX. It takes place in Kansas City, but this is NOT Kansas City, I promise).