Whats your rosin process?

I love to learn about the innovation of the rosin technique. what are your techniques?


This is the kind of info we need shared here! Any ideas @LabOwner
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We do not carry a Rosin


Rosin is an free solvent oil extraction. It’s produced by applying a huge pressure with an heated material. Combination of pressure and heat will release the resin and the result is amazing and free of impurities.

source: https://hightimes.com/grow/the-birth-of-rosin/

For more information an amazing pictures: Why the rosin revolution is real


Hello @Sasquash,

I have been processing Rosin for about 3 years. I have an amazing machine made by pure pressure. I am able to control the temps of both plates and they are a rectangle design to minimize the time that the actual Rosin stays in contact with the heat to prevent degradation.

It also allows me to pre-program up to 30 setting depending on the material. I will press flower straight through a 115 micron bag. If I want a more pure product I will make full melt bubble and then run through a 35 micron.

I even have techniques with certain temps and pressure which I can seperate the terps from the THCA and make a crystaline TCHA and a terp sauce.

I think the key is:

  1. You need the right strain to maximize your ROI on both yield and terp
  2. Have the right temp and pressure per your material
  3. Using the right rosin press. Not all rosin presses are equal and the design on the plates will have a huge impact on the end product.

Chris Grunenberg


Hey @cgrunenbergjr, thanks for sharing! Can you tell us a little more about the equipment you are using? Got pics?

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Hey @Growernick,

Thanks for asking. I am currently using Pure Pressures “Pikes Long Peak”. I have a dual pressure regulator on the machine. They come standard with a single regulator, but I upgraded to the dual.

The benefits of a dual pressure is that I can basically run a pre-press with the first regulator at a low PSI and then use the second regulator for ramp-up and bleed (rosin seeping).

This machine uses rectangular plates with a U shape coil that runs through both top and bottle plates. This allows for even heating and also minimizes the time that the rosin is in contact with the heat.

Machines with square plates generally have hot/cold spots so you won’t get even pressing also the rosin is in contact longer with the heat and can cause terp loses.

When pressing flower like I stated I use a 115 micron nylon bag and get between 20-30% returns. I have a picture of a strain of Flower called “Island Punch” and got about a 23% return. The downside to pressing flower is you will get lipids and chlorophyll along with other plant particles. When you process it like below you eliminate that.

When pressing bubble hash I get about 80% returns and use a 36 micron nylon bag. This process is tedious and takes longer because you first process the flower before you can begin to make rosin. The upside is that you get a higher THC content and a better terp profile.

Take a look at some of the pics below. That was 14 grams of Island Punch Flower which yielded about 3gs of Rosin.


first i need a press. anyone have a extra?


May I suggest, nice press


This guy breaks the DIY down really well. For those who are somewhat handy can make a until that is substantially lower in cost. I’m currently looking at this to do with a friend:


Does he have this in text?


I don’t think so. If I see it, I’ll post it though. I think mainly you need:

  1. the press itself
  2. the aluminum plates
  3. friend bought a press to drill holes in said plates for
  4. heaters to go into (made in china–fairly cheap)
  5. PID (electronic controller) & case for PID to go into
    …possibly a few other small things.

I bought one of these off of Craigslist and love it. I use it with a harbor freight press that goes up to 20 tons. Usually the bag will break anywhere close to that so I usually stay around 10 tons now and around 220 degrees. I haven’t been able to get the clean yellowy color rosin though mine is mostly dark. I have tried different micron bags and I am going to try to bubble hash it next.


I dont have one. I really need a press. Smoking my meds is too tough on my lungs now a days. Maybe Nugsmasher or Rosintech will do a giveaway soon.


Hello @MK3_Pharms,

PurePressure is has released two smaller scale presses that don’t require an air compressor. I know to promote these two new presses they have been doing several giveaways with these presses. Might wanna check them out.

I love these guys. Everything is made in Sunny Denver Colorado. They are US Made with great service and warranties.

Give them a look.