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When Hard Work Pays Off Its Pure Joy!

I am willing to bet that just about everyone that runs a cannabis business or cannabis related business works their butt off. It can be particularly tough with tasks that are tangential to your core business for activity like SEO.

Well, we hit a home run last night. We woke up to a wonderful surprise today. We saw an article from another tax practitioner that was “DEAD ASSED WRONG” concerning taxes and the commercial cannabis industry in California. So we put up a post to call them out on it…the post was rather sarcastic, which we can live with. Little did we expect that SEO powerhouse pick it up in their overnight crawl and sent Cletus, the Slack Jawed Yokel a “knee in the nuts” by way of…/slack-jawed-yokel-explains-ca…/ Got a huge assed smile on my face this morning. Here is a peek:

and here is peek at our post calling out a very poorly written piece:

The post is a very funny read and you can find it here.

There is an important lesson to take from this…at some point, we will make a mistake. If someone takes the time to point out an error in what you have posted, take the time to read their comments, and if appropriate MAKE A CHANGE. Misinformation about cannabis issues hurt all of us and ignoring something that should be corrected MAKES IT WORSE. As an industry, we all benefit when we respect and share the advice that each of us can contribute for a greater good.