When to harvest

I am growing High CBD Hemp for the first time. Plants look great. I am wondering how to know when to harvest for the optimal crop. I plan to use the flowers to make CBD oil. See attached photos from today.

Thanks Martin


Nice looking, let me know when you’re ready to leaching ,harvest ready to go.

That was my question in the post: How do I know when it is optimal to harvest?

@martinataylor. Your pistils will be mostly receded and darkening.
Check your trics with a loupe or magnifier same as thc weed after the pistils do darken.
Looks like 3-4 weeks maybe a bit longer yet before the need to start checking trics.

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Thanks oldguy. OK, assume I am a complete newb!

The pistils are red parts?

From my pic help me with identifying parts

Calyx? Pistils?

And what will the trichomes do around that time?

Do they also change color?

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what strain is this? She’s beautiful


The easiest way to determine if a bud is ripe for
harvesting is by checking its pistils. If the buds
are starting to develop, they’re all white, and
they’ll start to discolor around the fourth week of
If most pistils are white, the marijuana isn’t ripe
enough for harvest and the bud is still lacking a
lot of weight and THC. If all pistils are brown/red,
you’re actually too late, and the quality of your
marijuana will rapidly drop.
So you have to make sure you’re right between
these two ends. These usually are the standard
0-49% of the pistils are brown – Not ready yet.
50-70% of the pistils are brown – Ready for
harvest, but it’s still a bit young. Light taste and
mellow high. Maximum weight not yet achieved.
70-90% of the pistils are brown – Ready for
harvest. Taste and effect are at their peak and
you’ve achieved maximum weight.
90-100% of the pistils brown –
Almost too late
for harvest.
Taste is heavy
and the effect
is narcotic.
Harvest right
away and don’t
wait any longer.


With CBD, from what I understand, you want your trichs to be cloudy, not amber. You don’t want THC in your CBD. The longer it goes chances you’ll get more THC.
To decarb for CBD… 2 hours in a 230-265 degree oven. From what I have learned.


That was some awesome knowledge you have been able to retain it all. Killer job.

Check the cultivars flowering time for outdoors if it’s sativa usually late October early November if you can make it that long

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I am a cloudy guy. I usually pull it early -

Every now and then you hit it big with, genetics and exactly what the plant needs and the Trichomes keep bubbling up each day and you just gotta wait.

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You should get something like this so you can see the Trichomes - I hate couch lock so if I spend 90 days growing well I don’t want to harvest it wrong.