When to top?

Ok so I’ve only only done 4 grows and on my 5th when is the best time to top? So far as much as I’ve done as growing is germinate, grow and trim along the way, and then harvest. I’m working on getting my stretch under control so they arnt stretching too much in the beginning and too tall by the time I flip to flower. Now that I got the basics down I’d like any advice on how to maximize my yield even if it’s not topping, my goal is to maximize my yield with fewer plants in a tent.


More time and training. If you grow a lot of plants and flower them early you can get the same as if you do a few plants and give them twice as much time to grow before you flower.


Hi @vxjayxv , great to hear you moving along with your grows and taking it to another level. Below is a good video about topping:

You can also look at Low stress training and scrogging to improve your yield.


Ok cool @chrisj I’ll check them out in a bit. I’ve recently got involved in cannabis when covid started, started with a pen and cart, then moved to green got really high and had seeds I found and started growing, being a chef I compare cannabis strains and growing, to growing different grapes for different wine varietals, It’s become a new passion and super eager to learn. @happilyretired I might be a little impatient at times its just my urge to improve lol but growing lots of Plants I can do that, right now I’ve got 6 mature plants and started 11 more, and about to start germinating 6 more in a few weeks to replace the 6 mature that will be harvested in the next 30 and its all indoor, I get so lost in my own world watering and tending to the plants, its like it’s own high


As far as topping, why don’t you top and clone. In other words grow your plant till it gets nine or 10 nodes then top it about a half inch above the fourth or fifth node, then cloned the other half. Boom now you have two…:+1:t3:

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@chrisj by far the best explanation and video I’ve seen so far. @happilyretired definitely gonna pull a plant and and attempt it, im excited to take my grows to new levels.


I look at a lot of journals so I don’t remember exactly what you’re growing but this is for photo plants only and not auto flowers… just sayin. :+1:t3:


@happilyretired I’ve honestly never played with autos, my first seeds I found in some really bad stuff I tried for 20 bucks, so I’ve kinda just stayed using fem and reg, but that is good to know because I’d probably try it when I do try autos lol