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Where can I buy seeds

I was in the same boat as you. I ended up ordering from Growers Choice. Great site and they have a pretty good selection to choose from.

Barely that. Its a site for hate crime and staging companies to sell their merch that fb gets paid from.

This guy in a FB group is selling these 4.50 shopping. Msg me if interested

Personally, I can’t wait to grow preybirds seeds :sunglasses:

I have personally grabbed seeds from ilgm, true north seed bank, growers choice, and DC seed exchange for my Humblodt Seed Company genetics. I have gotten nothing short of top shelf flower from all my grows from these companies. I would much rather pay extra money for good strong genetics. I personally, and know many others, that have had shitty grows in the past because of weak genetics. Not all seeds are the same!
It sucks to spend months of time, money, and effort to get a mediocre harvest. All because our genetics were lacking. I’m looking for good stable F4 genetics or higher.

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From me when I harvest them… will have some mauve runtz (white runtz x mendo purp), Willy’s Purple Wonder (Willy’s Wonder x mendo purp), R-purple #5 (RP#5 x mendo purp) and Purple Trainwreck (Trainwreck x Mendo purp)…lol…


They don’t ship to Canada…

I’m in the usa in Michigan

Then ILGM is a good place…I am in Ontario looking at Michigan from across the river…

@Kut_Factory has a ton of seeds for sale and he’s in the u.s and a forum member

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Yeah i have a boat load no autos tho photo perioid are the way to go

Anyone ever used marysseeds??

I just bought some off 5 feminized bubble gum seeds were roughly $69. I trust this website because it’s where @preybird1reccomended I go when I asked him the same question. The only pain is they only accept checks, money orders, and bitcoin. They don’t accept PayPal or debit/credit cards. Their website says they ship anywhere in the us where it’s legal. They only have a small list of countries they don’t ship to. I did a money order because Bitcoin confuses me. I can let you know how it goes. :slight_smile: It’s my first time buying seeds


Did you get the seeds?!

Yes I did. :grin: they provide a tracking number so you can follow it home. Shipping my money order out there cost me a bit more than if I had used something like bitcoin but I’m still happy with my purchase! I haven’t popped them yet. I plan on popping them for my second grow. :heart:

If you are in Michigan just use Seed Cellar. They are in Michigan. Good people

Natures farm is the same way… only accept bank draft and cash mailed before the seeds ship…lol…sp not very fast…

Great Lake Genetics are in Clio, MI - they are cash\MO first as well… great freebies too…