Where can I buy seeds

I’m located in Michigan trying to buy some autoflower seeds can anybody help me


Hi @evan269, welcome to GN. Here is a good place to start: https://bit.ly/2Yc9j4J

I bought from Nirvana and I didn’t have luck. Only 2 out of 30 seeds sprouted.

That’s some bullshit sorry to hear that

Hello, nice meeting you too.

By the way I don’t BS.

Have a good day

Have you tried ilgm.com really good company if you have any issues with their seeds they’ll send you new ones they have some great strains and genetics

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I didn’t mean your were b.s.ing I was referring to only 2 out of 30 seeds popping

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…lol… yeah bullshit… over bullshitting…lol…

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@Ladithief Right…

I plan to in a few weeks

Thank God we all of an opinion and sometimes facts are facts!

Wow that sucks

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Have had good luck with Pacific Seed Bank and Homegrown Cannabis Co. Think it may be the same distributor for both- addresses and pricing amazingly similar!


Yes you can Google Amsterdam seed bank, Seedman seeds, Exotic seed bank in Amsterdam, Good Genetics I have been able to get when in need.

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FACEBOOK HAS the marketing page on The Mendes Brothers, you will have your needs . Lable says Novelty Seeds. Going to see how good the Genetics are. Its what I like to have some on hand for a pinch. AMS takes about Six weeks.

Wtf are novelty seeds?

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Uploading: Screenshot_20200831-165855_Gallery.jpg… Its how you get them mailed to you legally if you’re not a licensed to buy. So they have it marketing real seeds from A to Z They have it all as in autos,Feminized, hemp ,etc. M

It’s just a loophole word. They are real and you can look them up online. I always do some kind of a good facts check before anything.

Ahhh ok Corinthians bry

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Cool thanx not Corinthians llol

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Please explain the word Corithian mean and can you please use it in a sentence? They are real but I have not tried them myself, but have a few friends who I helped them get some. It was his 3rd run, and he did good for the setup he had.

You are lucky if 1% of the market places on facebook are even legitimate…