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Where can I find trimming contracts?

I used to work as a part of a group of 5 highly skilled trimmers and we used to get independent contracts. But we went our separate ways few years ago. We recently got back together but we don’t know how to get back into the industry anymore. We are located in the socal area, anyone got any pointers or contacts???


Often see opportunities on the GN forum. I am sure the trimming season is around the corner in socal. Just keep asking the right people and sure you will come right. Welcome here to GN, take part in a cannabis community.


I appreciate the feedback. Thank you for the greeting, I will start looking around. I’m still learning the lay of the land so if you have any suggestions or pointers it’s greatly appreciated.

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Ever since this covid shit it’s tough …have to have a really good in with someone to get contracts… Just being honest I’m from socal but know a few people but it’s lockdown brother as far as hiring new… Best bet show your face(with a face mask :rofl: fuckin California sucks right now) around where you guys want to just try to network with some open dispensary and try to connect



I know, the pandemic is bad for business… thanks man. But still, if you have any idea, phone numbers, or emails, send them my way. I have a team of some of the best chinese trimmers.

and twisters are hard on your business… and as an extractor sorry trimming isn’t even thought about as a quality assurance… and extracts are becoming even more and more popular so that is even harder on your craft…

@Ladithief is right so cal may not be the best for trimmer work… maybe Oregon Colorado or NorCal but NorCal is selective

You guys should get a spot and try to grow your own a develop growing skills

Yes… I don’t understand why trimmers don’t grow… if your trimming your grow is done so in between what are you doing…lol… I lose my mind trimming just 10-15lbs…lol… hence $4k on a twister is reasonable…lol…

Growing takes more management which is why we leave it to the grow masters while an expertise in trimming is always needed for quality product. True, with the existence of Twisters, a lot of the growers are migrating from our service, which is why it’s harder and harder to get work. But some of the local growers who offer quality products will still seek our services, which is why I’m on the forum trying to reconnect.