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Where do you get your mj/cannabis news?

Besides this community :wink: - just wondering which sites people are getting news/info from - I’ve done some google searching and there is SOOOO much stuff out there; not sure who is reliable and credible - any suggestions?


@greg.s here are some of my favorites, I have subscribed to all of their email newsletters to have their top articles sent to me. And then I created a simple Gmail filter to put them all in a ‘Read Later’ folder, so they do not clutter up my inbox. This allows me to consume my version of the daily news all at once every morning, which saves time visiting all of these websites every day.


Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Finance

There are several cannabis news outlets online, but these resources above have served me well within the past year. I highly recommend starting out with MJ Biz Daily for their daily list of top articles. This will give you the best pulse on the industry as a whole.

What websites are you currently getting your cannabis news from?


@nick Awesome list; thank you! I’ve looked at some of those, but will check out the others. Curious to get a ‘consensus’ from the community if this is where most people are looking also!

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In addition to the ones @Nick posted, I also like to use The Cannabist and Leafly for some of the more general news in the industry.


Other considerations for cannabis business and cultivation news are Marijuana Ventures (monthly) and SunGrower (quarterly) from the same publisher.