Where the COCO experts at?! Serious questions

Ive been using CoCo for years, i love it, i even have been reusing all my coco for the past like 4 harvests already. I wash the peat out keeping only the coir and perlite, then buffer it. Never had any problems. I water it like once a day, by hand even though i know how to set up a drip, but i wait until the top of the coco is dry before watering again. Although i completely saturate the 5gallon pots i never worry about OVER watering them as long as they dry out in between.

Here is what doesnt make sense to me. I was reading some articles on CocoForCannabis and their recommendations are completely opposite from what ive been doing for years with no problem. They say if your runoff is high in ppm to give it even more nutrients. I would do a flush first, but they specifically say to not do that. In fact they say to flush as little as possible.

Ill try to find the exact article, but what it says is; if your runoff is really high in PPM, and you want to lower it, INSTEAD of flushing, what you should do is give it even more nutrient solution.

and they also say that you should never ever let the coco dry out, and you should constantly keep it 80-90% saturated.

can i get some feedback on what you guys think?


I think that doesnt make any sense there are certain products like nectar for the gods herculean harvest that you use so that your water is heavy enough in large molecules to push everything out with a flush otherwise I have no idea what they mean. I have heard you should keep your coco always moist but that also comes at the cost of root development near the bottom (worth it though for the faster vegging if your doing autos tho)


Thats what they say. The coco doesn’t hold onto the salts anywhere near as much as soil. I dont water to run off and never have nute locks or burns. I do have bad ph issues but that is due to where I live. I can see ph issues insanely quick compared to soil.

I water much more than soil. Not ferting 5 times a day. But I have seen when my environment is dialed in, the ladies can take upping the feeds.

I am apart of coco. I reuse all my coco. I dont wash it. I recharge it while feeding. I fert 2 times and calmag water once a week.

More nutes/vitamins make stronger bodys and they perform better. Any carbon based life form. As long as they are circulating thru out their systems. Just as we do. Sweat out the bad, drink more water to ensure our kidneys function, and we can entake our nutrition effectively.

You know smot on coco? He grows giant baby arms.


I couldn’t find the post, but someone told me that cocoa retains like 20% oxygen even when saturated. I hand water, most of the time twice a day, and add nutrients every single time.

What’s right for one, isn’t always right for another. So, if things are working just fine how your running don’t change it.


So i went on that cocoforcannabis forum a couple times. and after talking to a dude who is there like 247 and calls himself, ‘crackbaby’ i find out not only does he use DWC but hes never even seen coco IRL… smh. R.I.P. lol. And i guess im gonna gonna experiment next run. and yes my way is working for me, but if im doing it wrong, and my shits coming out pretty damn good, imagine how fire it would be if i did things right!

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Moral to the story is never listen to someone named “crackbabby”


i really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, after seeing him there 3 different days at 3 random times, I was like, this guy is so confident in his knowledge that he makes his name something so stupid because hes that damn good. guy must know all about coco and cannabis for sure! i quote “never actually seen it in person…”

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You can critique grows not people.

I’m no expert, but I was also following the Coco for Cannabis page as a guide as well for my first grow.
A lot of well written articles, and clear instructions, but trying to follow the advice of keeping everything moist and watering every day, I wound up getting algae real quick. So I opted to let my coco definitely get dryer than they seemed to recommend and so far things seem to be OK. Just flipped to flower so perhaps will likely be feeding much more.


I don’t even know where my plants kidneys are Slym, How am I gonna flush em ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::shushing_face:

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Lolol… interesting concept lolol

Ohh yea coco does fantastic on a 4 day ->3day → 2 day watering cycle my autos (pic is at day 23 ) are just now able to handle 3 days


Oh did I say 3 day now they re down to 2 day cycle due to the grow spurt lol


Did you find the expert yet???
LoL :laughing:

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