Where to Get Clones, auto flowers, Seeds

Hey how’s everyone doing , I hope everyone is having a great grow season and that it may continue to stay that way! Anyways so I’m a new growing community I just invested in a indoor set up, not currently set up but definitely by the beginning of next week I’ll officially start my journey growing cannabis(starting with auto flowers) , currently my main concern is being able to find a trust worthy vendor of potential clones and auto flower or even regular seeds at a good price , what should I expect to pay? Umm who are people y’all recommend? Any small tips to watch for ? But definitely let me know Im very overwhelmed with who to get auto flower seeds especially when I seed a $60-70 dollar seed it’s scary to think it may not even germinate.


Do this. You can select a few different autos. Many people on here have bought from this site :+1:t4:

It says $122 for 10 seeds. There are some others on there that are less expensive too.


Chitown seed has tons of different seed vendors they sell. They also sell clones. The clones are drop shipped from the supplier. So they should be plenty fresh when you get them. :+1:t3::+1:t3:

Oh yeah, welcome to the forum. Start yourself a journal and we will drop in and check it out and then help you when needed. :v:t3:


@isacheech , welcome to GN. I think you have the answer you looking for. Post your grow journal here.