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Where to get sample nutrients to decide perfect one

OK so I know everybody has a different type of nutrients that they prefer this seems to give them the Bang for their buck but I know the each plant is different each strain likes different types nutrients so where do I go to find samples to make sure that my nutritiances are right for my strain? Before I get a big bottle of it or give them the wrong kind?


ive never seen anyone give out a free round of nutrients… unless you’re a sponsored grower… i use green planet nutrients because i believe in the quality. but nutrients is going to be a trial type of deal. just remember to try to keep it simple this first fun… so you can get a feel for it… second round ull have a better idea…


I’ve been using Advanced Nutrients Ph perfect brands for my past 7 grows on a variety of strains and those Nutes’s haven’t done me wrong yet. They are a little more $ but I feel like you get what you pay for. Some companies will give you a free bottle if you journal your grow with their brand. I’ve seen a couple companies do that in the past but it’s been a minute or 2. Hope this helps @krisb89. :v:


I am going to see what I can do to get you some top quality sample nutrients. @krisb89. Have you sorted a light out for your plants?


@krisb89 I recommend Jacks nutrients. Follow their 321 on recipe from seed to harvest. I assure you at .03 cents per gallon (if you purchased the larger bag) you won’t be disappointed. I have more pictures of my grow if you need encouragement.



Cyco platinum series is on sale 75% off at growgeneration all cyco product only…