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Which Extraction Method Preserves Original Cannabis Terpenes?

Interesting analysis of which extraction methods preserve the most terpenes:


In our experience, Rosin is your most terpy extraction product (outside of blending extracted terpines into extracts). The trade-off is a garbage shelf life…


I just re-read the article and I’d be interested to know how old the samples were that were being tested. As mentioned above, Rosin has been our terpiest method of extraction, whereas BHO won top prize in this study. We’ve found that Rosin has an optimal shelf life of around 8-10 hours before losing quality. In other words, you can press it in the morning, and it’ll be perceivedly degraded by night time.


That’s a good question and they don’t seem to mention it in either article. I’m assuming they used relatively fresh samples if they wanted to get good measurements.


I wrote two arcticles that may offer some insight into that topic if you can extrapolate the information from the article as they are different but similar topics.
If the links below dont show up you can find the post under processing titled What you need to know before buying an extractor.

The 1st one is titled.
How to go about choosing a Solvent1

The 2nd one is titled,
Standardizing an out of control Cannabis Industry1

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I agree with your comments that Rosin is the best form of extraction when it comes to getting the terpyiest concentrate. I would challenge that shelf-life though, and my question would be “How was the Rosin pressed in the morning stored?”

I have found through both practical and research studying and testing that if stored in the right environment you get a good 30-day shelf life (meaning minimal degradation).

I would be curious to know your humidity it was stored at, the temperature it was exposed to, what kind of containers were used, was it exposed to light at all. There are a lot of factors that cause degradation.

We can mitigate these factors for a longer shelf-life. If we want a longer storage life I would recommend placing rosin in parchment paper in an airtight container, and then place this is a cool 70* (give or take theres a range) dark area for storage.

Our biggest enemies in Degradation would be Light/Temperature/Humidity. Just food for thought would love to get your feedback.

Chris Grunenberg