White mildew / pathogen control

Good afternoon to you all,
Lately I have heard from growers and have read many post concerning Powdery White Mildew as well as other problem pathogens… on the plant leaves, in the root zone as well as growing media / mulch.
From my experience the majority of these issues can be traced to soil-borne pathogens… go further back and you can find pathogen growth being carried through your irrigation watering systems.
A clean source of water and more importantly a clean irrigation system is key to pathogen control throughout your entire grow facility.
Check your water sources, your irrigation piping system as well as misting systems for BIO-FILM.
Bio-film is a great place for pathogens to thrive.
Bio-film is not easy to control and in short order, can overtake your irrigation system and spread pathogens directly into the root zone as well as develop mold/mildew in the surrounding soil.
If you can control pathogens in your irrigation system, you will soon find you have eliminated many of your mold, mildew and other pathogen problems.



Tom, thank you for addressing this topic. Mold and mildew can be devastating for a cultivation facility. The easiest way to protect your plants is to do what you can to prevent this from occurring in the first place. You are right in that pathogens can come from issues related to soil and water irrigation systems. In addition, environmental control systems and equipment can also create the potential for crop failure.

Pathogens like mold and mildew can enter and grow in poorly maintained or inaccessible ventilation ductwork, and a poorly designed system will create a climate perfect for their growth. Inconsistent, or incorrect, temperature and humidity can make pathogens and fungi thrive by both weakening the plant’s natural defenses and providing an environment in which the pathogens and fungi thrive. A properly-designed climate control system, however, will maintain a precise temperature and humidity level, incorporate air sanitation measures within each room and will minimize the spaces where such pathogens can culture. Equipment should be easy to maintain and, at minimum, data logging should be utilized to keep track of any unwanted environmental changes in the grow space.

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