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White Powder From Spray

I had a few bugs on my plants and went to the grow store and got this captain jack dead Bug spray. I sprayed lightly on the plants and woke up the next morning with this on them. What do i do?

That looks like powdery mildew mold. You will have to do a foliar spray and soil drench to get rid of it. I just did the same thing to prevent against mold using Dr. Zymes eliminator. You can use the same thing to treat mold/pests that are already established. Here’s the link to the Dr Zymes: The Amazing Doctor Zymes DZE1QT Eliminator Concentrate, 32 oz, White
Just be sure to read all the instructions online first on how to use it. Also increasing airflow and decreasing humidity might help because that’s where mold loves to grow. Places with no airflow. This may help you:

Here’s another picture of it. I tried to use this bio fungal stuff and still nothing.

What was your ratio you mixed up?

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Always ask questions first.

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Try spraying your leaves with RO or distilled water and see if that spray washes off your leaves @louispicasso. If your humidity has been below 60% Rh and the white popped up over night after your spray it’s probably not PM. Keep us posted. :v:


Also this worked!! Thank you!


I ran into this problem in a grow a while back @louispicasso. I’m happy it worked for ya my friend!