White sections

I am on my second grow and I’m having trouble with my net pot falling through into my hydroponic unit. I’ve had to pull it back up through the ring several times and it caused wear on the bark which is affecting my plants. The leaves are curling and drying out on some areas all the other branch areas look fine. Then on the other plant,( no problems with its net basket) which i have in the tent with it, it has white splotches on the leaves. Not all the leaves-just about four. I can’t send a picture right this minute but I’m working on it.both are in same unit.Should i cut the one down that has damage on bark from sliding through the broken net pot,to just cut my losses and start fresh? Any ideas on what’s causing the “bleached look” on the other?

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Pictures are preferred to give you the best help so some of the experts can give you a diagnostic. What color are your leaves on your sickish plant? Also theres an app called ‘Plant This’ you take a picture of your plant and it’ll give you a health diagnostic and let you know whats going good/bad. Pictures will help the community help you though


This is a support ticket. Copy and paste it to your thread and fill it out to the best of your abilities. The community will help with any questions you may have.

Grow Journal Check List

Strain (bagseed too):
Indoor, outdoor:
Tent, Room Size:
Light height:
Temps (day and night):
Relative Humidity (day and night) :
Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) :
Pot sizes:
Soil, Coco, or Dwc:
Nutrient type:
Ph numbers:
Ec and PPM:
Water Temps:

Seed germination date:
Veg duration:
Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water):

Fill this out. It will provide many more topics to discuss in your Thread/Room. You keep all your info in the one place. Every time you post in your thread, it goes to the top of the pile and you get more interactions.