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Who is attending the New West Summit in Oakland this week?

GrowFlow is excited to be attending this event, and our CEO, Rufus Casey, will actually be on the panel for the ‘Compliance, Seed To Sale And Traceability… Following the Yellow Brick Raod’ event on Friday, Oct. 12th 4:45p (60mn) ROOM GRAND BALLROOM 1.

Any other GNET members going to be at the event? We would love to meet and talk to you while we are there. Booth D8 - stop by and say hello :slight_smile:

And, if you want to level up your traceability and compliance game, make sure to check out our Panel discussion! We really want to help relieve the stress that can come with compliance and traceability, and help your business flourish - come learn about our software solution and our dead-simple approach to compliance and traceability.

Who is going?


This sounds like a fun event! Hopefully people find their way on down the Yellow Brick Road to your panel! Good luck and have fun!



420 Friendly Insuance will NOT be there, but we would love to hear how it is for next year. Please say hi to Rufus and the team for us.

Larry Harb
420 Friendly Insurance


We will let you know how it goes, for sure Larry - it is our first time attending and exhibiting at this event.

I will make sure to let Rufus know you said hello!