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Who wants to be involved in a small two plant growing test?

So just for our own information is anyone interested in testing the difference between DWC and SOIL. I have the designs for a small water culture to test with and a just soil of some sore. Just grow one plant in each culture, record all data. This is knowledge you can only get here and may save you some big coin.


Howdy @AX-K. I would love to. But still a couple years away from doing Big DWC. If you could share the designs of a small water culture system I would be interested and maybe try and set it up myself.


I have run a current culture system and aeroponics units unconventionally (organics and bennies) for the past 15 years. So if you’re referring to growing in bleach solution (ie UC Roots, res clear, etc). You’re comparing apples and Olive’s, not even oranges. That said, I have tried sterile res growing, but this method yields a much tastier, larger, and heavier product. The benefits of soil and DWC if you will. Fast vigorous growth and a great end product. That said I’m curious to follow along here and see how it goes for you :grin:. Also always happy to help out with pointers or info.


OK folks I think we found our guy.!!!:grinning:

Well the point would be to grow one in deep water culture system and a pot of soil grown next to each other. an be a video journal, v blog pics whatever works here. So we can do two things; show everyone interested two great ways to grow at home in art (almost real time) and the different grow rates to dealing with problems inherent within themselves. a deep water culture system has a resorption and an air stone. I once filled my 10x10 tent with (6) 8-liter rubbermaid storage totes with (6) 6" growing basket with my own special Enigma strain. This was the 2nd one like this I built. 1st was a $5.99 plastic tote and an 4 port air-pump connected to an air-stone on the bottom of the tote connected by hose. I was testing roots and oxygenated grow solutions. Gen II: central well treatment center for the oxygen mixing forced circulation loop system via 1" pvc and 1/2 hp water pump. ezy pezy. Prototype grew very fast very full big buds very strong almost too strong to smoke and enjoy and didn’t taste so good. I think to much oxygen and premium everything else kicked it to over drive. Gen II I decided to move a few things around to slow the roll so to say. Yeah so I got lucky and dialed right in it was awesome, tasty, stinky, sticky cloud hopping sweetness. I would guess as I have grown this strain for 3 years before developing dwcs. Next place will be all dwc as they are easy to build, after a time or two it is quick easy to design build and grow to your specs your budget, note, use at least 1/2 pvc for water to tank.

oh ps chems can be your choice the experiment was to show the two systems side by side.

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I do not have any connection to these guys but here is a good place to start. I grew a sativa 7’ tall in one like you will see.


I’m just following along, I don’t do dirt anymore and refuse to go back. Also, I’ve built a couple RDWC units myself from Rubbermaid totes, uni-seals, and 3 inch PVC, however, I find it easier to just purchase a prebuilt system, hence my current culture setup. My time is money. I’m an Infrastructure IT engineer aside from growing.

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