Whole Foods Magazine Reviews the Endocannabinoid System

A sign of the times? This was published in Whole Food Magazine yesterday. I thought it was a nice overview for a general audience. I live in Austin, TX where Whole Foods originated. What do you think, do articles like these engage new audiences? Does sharing the science increase support for Cannabis legalization?


operation: normalize the conversation


I’m down for that operation, along with any CBD based products WF wants to sell me.


I agree with @Dianna.Donnelly and @nick about being all for it. I appreciate that Whole Foods is putting out a quality article about the ECS and cannabinoids to its audience, because the reality is that most people (even those who claim to know about health and wellness) are completely shocked when they find out our bodies produce endocannbinoids. When they hear that they can remedy deficiencies with cannabis, many of them might say they β€œdon’t want to get high”. It just goes to show how much more education is needed if we all plan on this industry meeting (and potentially exceeding) all the projected growth stats. Without the proper education, intimidated future consumers will never get in the game – which is a real shame considering how versatile cannabis is. At Seed, our mission is to make sure any level of consumer can get an engaging education whenever they are in a dispensary, and articles like this that promote science, awareness and accurate information can only help our industry. Would be interested in hearing what any @DispensaryOwners and @DispensaryEmployees think of educating consumers on the ECS, and beyond.