Wholesale pricing for crude THC oil, refined THC oil and full spectrum distillate (mostly THC), THC Isolate

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I’m conducting pricing research for a New Zealand based medicinal cannabis production and distribution business, they have licences under application to cultivate, import and research high-THC and high-CBD cannabis, and is an applicant for licenses to cover a full range of activities in their market. The regulatory regime in New Zealand will allow export globally from Day 1.

We’re currently using various sources to research wholesale pricing on a country by country basis, our end products will be crude THC oil, refined THC oil and full spectrum distillate (mostly THC) and THC Isolate.

I would really appreciate any advice or guidance from the community to point us at reliable pricing to help us with our business planning, either trading platforms, reports, individuals or companies such as leaflink etc.

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Greetings from Canada! I was putting together a cultivation plan for a small scale greenhouse startup in outside of Tauranga.

I’ve been able to find the best pricing information from the future4200 forums. They’re all focused on extraction and have great info to share. I’d just searching first, just because there is a lot of information that already has been posted there.

There are other reports from and firms that do good research and have well informed predictions, but the most accurate pricing information was from future4200.


Thank you for response and advice devjyarn, will check on future420 forums.

Good to connect.

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Crude :
68% - Pre/Post Tax - 2510$/3500$ per KG
74% - Pre/Post Tax - 2955$/3800$ per KG

Distillate :
85% - 3980$/5100$
87% - 4297$/5300$
89% - 4448$/5800$
91% - 4514$/6000$
1:1 CBD - 2910$/4300$


@eldindupljak where are you getting your best pricing information from? Are there analytics groups or other paid reports that you think are worthwhile?

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These are the prices of one of the manufacturers we work with , one of the biggest in California when its about extractions . They dont even sell under their brand , they just do extractions and supply the biggest companies on the market , so they are strictly focused on extractions .


Does anyone have wholesale pricing for extracts and processed goods from other countries? I’d be interested to know more about the European market, especially Germany and Denmark.

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Not familiar with EU pricing , but a lot countries going legal in EU especially medicine .
The extraction is huge business , they make a lot . There is so many uneducated growers that they sell the biomass super cheap , and the manufacturers are taking advantage of that . Or under excuse that the biomass is dirty , but in reality they just worry for pesticides , and even if its dirty they mix with the clean and lower the values of pesticide in legall to sell ranges . Massive profit , the growers should not sell the biomass cheap !

I am always so intrigued by pricing from around the world on an apple:apple relationship…

My biomass goes into the fire pit… hell I have seen a 2lb dry plant go in a lit pit…lol…

Thank you very much for this information @eldindupljak, it’s really helpful. As we continue to research pricing on a country by country basis, legislation allowing of course, we are finding quite a variance in the pricing and some of the terminology used.

91% distillate is 91% THC in the context of your pricing? Or is it total cannabinoids or perhaps high CBD?

From our conversations with various consultants we’re finding a range of definitions between CDB products, Hemp products and THC products. Plus with THC, is there a difference between Rec and Medical in terms of market price?

We will act as a contract grower for our customers. This means we will sell our medical cannabis as extracted oil form to pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, and specialist extraction partners.

They, in turn, will provide products to retailers and end-users as prescription medicine. We have started discussed with leading pharmaceutical companies in Oceania and specialist extraction partners so the ability to bench market wholesale pricing for our end products is a key focus for us at the minute.

Any guidance, contacts or advice is very much appreciated!

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Usually the % potency number meaning % of THC , otherwise will write the ratio number with other cannabinoids . And distillate by definition it should be 99%-100% cannabinoid content , a one isolated cannabinoid will be called isolate through the process of Chromatography .

This table will give you better understanding at least for US Market :


The difference between REC and MED cannabis products depends from state to state , states that legalize only MED the price will be higher . From other side those states that legalize both , you will not see any difference , the only difference will be in final tax . In california the final customer is paying less taxes for MED cannabis products ( without state tax ) , beside the legal age to buy and the cannabinoid ratio there is no difference in quality and testing requirements between A and M cannabis in California .


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Do you know what the wholesale price is for a liter of 95% THC distillate in Oklahoma? I’m considering building a colocated farm/factory. Thanks.

on the low side $5900, high side $6500

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Very informative

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