Why Are Edibles More Potent?

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Everyone has the same crazy edible story. The account starts with them eating a reasonable THC dosage, waiting an hour, not feeling the effects, eating way more, and then struggling with their existence for the next 4 hours. Why do THC edibles deliver a more potent, potentially halogenic experience than smoking weed? Its not because the dose is more concentrated or more efficient its due to a THC metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC.

Eating THC sends the compound to the liver where it is converted to the 2-3 times more potent metabolite, 11-hydroxy. While the compound performs the same mechanism to get users high, it is more effective at binding with our cannabinoid receptors. 11-hydroxy also takes longer for the effects to be realized, leading to users taking a dose they can’t handle.

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I wonder if he knows why some people feel nothing at all from edibles. I will have to ask, thank you @chrisj


Damn, what is the word for that? There is a word, just cant remember? Its a good topic for a new video? i invited Camden to GN, lets see if he joins us.


Just an observation (FWIW) people that think the edibles don’t work for them usually have a high tolerance and expect it to hit hard like smoking or dabbing does. I’m good with a 10 mg gummy while my daughter needs 30 to 40 mg’s just to feel it.


I have a high tolerance, so edibles work on me but like you said, it doesn’t hit me really hard. That’s just how it is, I guess.
I forgot to mention I also smoke with the edibles, I just don’t need to smoke as much.
Either way, I never get stupid high. If I take a tolerance break…now, that’s another story!


So @chavez78 I was same as you. Now I decarb my rosin and make cookies. A respected gentleman on here says a gram of rosin is equal to 75 mg if its good. I can almost promise you that 65 mg cookies will let you feel something. A good buddy smokes an eighth a day min. If he has more he smokes more. I gave him a cookie and he accused me of spiking it with something.:joy:.


the name is “ediblocked”. You cant digest cannabis.


found this a while back after the topic came up here. there really isn’t much known, but they “hypothesize” it has to do with the liver.

it’s the most recent literature i could find on it. i’m still doing my own research too. if you find more, lemme know bro


Good article!


Oh boy. Maybe I should cutback A little


Or be like my daughter and make your edibles so strong a person like me is feeling it 2 days later! Lol!


My friend, you are slightly mistaken. Smoking marijuana and eating it affect the human body and mind differently.

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