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Why Does My Vape Pen Taste Burnt?

Don’t worry if your vape pen tastes burnt. This happens often and it is not difficult to solve. Here the Transpring outlines three of those causes and gives you some quick tips on how to solve them.

  1. High power vaping

Both low resistance and high voltage can lead to high power. When your vape pen’s wattage will be a lot higher than what the parts are rated to handle, it can cause the wick to dry out and burn due to the speed of oil conduction is slower than that of oil atomization.

If you own a vape pen with adjustable voltage or wattage, then ensure to keep it average. Do not raise the power too high especially if you also love having longer hits.

  1. Low oil intake

There are two possible reasons for low oil intake. The first reason is that the oil hole size of the cartridge is small, so that the oil intake is not enough. In this case, you may change a cartridge with larger oil hole.

The second reason is chain vaping. Chain vaping can damage your heating core because it doesn’t give the wick enough time to soak up more oil between puffs. This causes the wick to dry out and burn. In this case, we suggest that leave 15 or 20 seconds of breathing space in between puffs.

  1. Check if the heating core has burned up

If the heating core has dried out and burned up because there is little oil left in the cart, you must change a new one to fix the burnt taste.

We recommend to use a cartridge with fiberglass core that won’t burned up thanks to its material advantage.

Above we break down three common reasons why does the vape taste burnt? That’s not to say that those are the only things that could be causing your issues. It could also be the reason of external environment such as the freezing weather. So, try making sure your vape pen never travels too far outside if you live somewhere cold.


There was a lot of interesting info in this post, thanks, @Transpring.Vapes!

What are other advantages of a fiberglass core? Do most C-Cell carts have a fiberglass core?


I believe there is also an issue regarding whether the pen has temperature control for optimal vaporization. As I understand it, most do not.