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Why is the VA so opposed to cannabis?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs made a vocal opposition to three legislative efforts that would allow safe access to medicine for veterans under state law until such time that the U.S. Department of Justice allows for medical cannabis at the federal level. Three federal bills snaking their way through Congress hit a standstill thanks to the draconian stance of the VA.

Meanwhile, 23 veterans commit suicide every day – and that’s only the number the VA has publicly documented. Do you think we could help that tragic number drop by giving vets safe access to cannabis?

The benefits offered by cannabis to combat veterans suffering from PTSD are innumerable. Why do you suppose the VA is so vocally opposed to cannabis for vets? Yes, I am inviting the “conspiracy theories” linking the VA with Big Pharma (can we still call it that? Or can we all just agree that the VA and the pharmaceutical industry are in bed together?). Let’s chat about veterans affairs and cannabis.


…and the news gets even worse as we hear of a veteran stripped of their retirement pension because they worked in the cannabis industry.

Forbes magazine reports:

A recent report from Barons indicates that Tye Reedy’s position as the Director of Operations at Acreage Holdings – the cannabis firm that was just bought by Canopy Growth contingent on federal marijuana legalization– got him fired from his duties as a part-time military academy liaison officer. Now, it will be impossible for him to collect the pension that most soldiers look forward to after putting in 20 years of service. Although Reedy is a decorated military veteran who served for over a decade in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. Army told him, "“A military officer working in the cannabis industry runs contrary to Army values.”

The article also mentions that cannabis industry workers are also being rejected from filing bankruptcy.

Your thoughts?