Why LED Grow Lights Will Give You Greater Cannabis Yields Than Regular LEDs -

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I hope the article of KindLED was meant to be a joke :wink:




Let’s change this discussion to a discovery of real science and facts about plant light.

I recognize that this is a paid article, however the first line is blatantly false and goes against real science which is not a good look for the community: “Regular household LED lights emit mostly yellow and green light, which are very visible to humans. Cannabis, like many plants, doesn’t use these wavelengths for most of photosynthesis”

May I present real science:

2nd Science link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304423815301400#fx1

I get it, KIND’s marketing is showing a spectral graph displaying that HPS has “wasted light” which is based upon a dated interpretation of Chlorophyl A/B absorbance charts. All this means is that the top layer of leaves absorbs red and blue.

Plants use green and yellow light, and they use an abundance of it.

Want a mind twister? Blue light is actually the least photosyntetically active, plus it decreases leaf size, which decreases total light capture of the plant. Hear it from a PhD: Grow lighting Masterclass with Dr Bruce Bugbee - Grow Light Spectrum Discussion - YouTube Jump to 12:00 for more about blue light.


Thanks for this information! Let me try to get in touch with the author and get their response. Appreciate your input :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

Just to clarify about the article, when they’re talking about “Regular LED Bulbs”, they’re talking about the kind you might pick up from Home Depot which are intended for human visual perception (Lumens, not irradiance) and not intended for growing plants. They weren’t aiming their criticism at other growing LEDs, just your regular off-the-shelf home lighting.