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Why URB microbials are unique- Free Samples

While the idea of microbial inoculants for stimulating crop production is not new, careful and deliberate design of a formulation to contain multiple, naturally occurring phylogenetic groups of organisms with complementary functionalities, and putting them together in a manner in which they retain viability over a long period of time at ambient temperature, with little or no need for added chemical fertilizers and pesticides is innovative.

URB is an innovative, breakthrough product for five reasons.

First, the base product contains at least six different microbial strains compared to competitors with typically one strain, and rarely more. The greater the number of strains, the harder it is to manufacture since the cultivation time varies by strain and strains must be compatible. URB’s cannabis formulation with 6+ strains is a significant barrier to entry. While any decent laboratory should be able to identify the majority of strains of microbes in our products, since the cultivation time varies – one strain may take 17 days and another 27 days – the manufacturing process would be very difficult to determine.

Another company trying to “tweak” the formula by replacing a particular microbe or function – for example, resistance to disease – encounters the issue of compatibility between microbes. Much like the animal kingdom, where some animals can co-exist peacefully, and others will attack and eat each other. Our basic formula consists of complementary microbes.

Second, the product has five functions, such as nitrogen fixing and bio-pesticide - compared to competitors with typically one function and rarely more than two functions. Having more than one function is relatively unique in the industry, for example, there are competitive products containing Trichoderma which are formulated for pest control only. Rarely would these one function products contain more than one genera of microbes.

Third, unlike its counterparts, the URB formulation retains viability over a long period of time at ambient temperature. Up to 5 years.

Fourth, URB is highly concentrated compared to its competitors with lower concentrations; If you had an acre of Cannabis in the actual ground (not pots) you would typically use only two gallons per acre. Many competitors have a problem concentrating their product to a meaningful level to work in real world conditions which is why some competitors’ products are marketed only to potted or hydroponic growers.

Fifth, the product actually works! The most obvious benefit making URB’s microbial product better than the competition is it fucking works. J. Brockwell and P.J. Bottomley (1995) reported in Recent advances in inoculant technology and prospects for the future, published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry that many of the commercial microbial inoculants have not lived up to their claims; 90% of all inoculants have no practical value [emphasis added] whatsoever

Even for the competitors’ products which do work, none are reporting the combination of such significant yield gains…
(compared to “grower standard,” not compared to a control of nothing, which is what you get when you see the claims…"a university study had results of an 18% yield increase…well a little known fact is most “University Studies” are done against a control of a plant with no inputs…nothing)
while being able to reduce conventional fertilizer by such dramatic amounts as URB’s microbial formulation.

I hate to flood this forum but I feel like I need to clarify some things on what we are. Get on board with us, give me a shout, I will get you some product to test and we will all “Grow Higher” together…

Thanks for your time,

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irie cody, i’ll be glad to sample some of your product on my crops
i usually grow soil/organic because that is what brings the best flavor to the end product !
i’m not in USA, let me know if i could give it a shot
one love