Wilting top leaves


I am helping a friend out here and all his plants in veg are wilting at the top nodes, everything below is perfect, no problems. Below is an example:


Could it be ovewatering, undewatering, plants being root bound is my hunch. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

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Almost looks like wind burn but its just the tops hmmm, possibly a virus. Kinda looks like what i think is tmv it can come and go and gets qorse under intense light , could be why just the tops are like that.only thing id expect to see the same growth on most branch tops in intense lighting.are there more tops like that on the side branch tops as well?


Thank you for replying, leaning towards virus to. Its outdoors, and been very hot the last couple days, 40c, and hot winds, but they are protected by shade netting and in a valley. The younger plants are fine, its all the older ones ( 2 months plus ). Yes some of the lower branches are wilting to but all the cola sites on top of 25 plants are wilting.


Sounds like tobacco mosaic virus .it hasn’t been varrifyed n cannabis in a lab test but im almost 100% sure i had it. Sometimes it looks like vegragation virus

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I can’t see the pic. But from what I read is it looks like TMV? Just so you guys know TMV is Supr rare. And I would say its not TMV. If you have yellow and green leaf its probably an infection of that node. Can you post a pic. Not a link?

I did a screen grab so everybody can see it…

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That’s not TMV. Look up TMV you will see makes the leaves spilt color yellow and green. That’s also how infections look.
However that could be a heat issue or wind burn. But it really doesn’t look wind burn.
What kind of lights and how close. Is the soil dry or moist. We can trouble shoot it. But need more info

Worst case remove the top

Check your soil PH I bet its off. If you don’t have a tester. You will have to test a soil sample. But while not as accurate. It will give you a good idea. You can also emergency flush

My leaves were distorted like his but also had a crackled pattern all over the tops and some on lower areas as well, the damage kinda came and went as far as new growth went but eventually all tops had the same damage looked like acrushed egg shell but perfectly green and liwer growh was perfect thru to harvest.actully my greenest and burn free crop to date.

Could be some genetic defect. Its pretty strange

Got all 5 strains i had going

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Sounds genetic

I dont think so i grew the 5 strains for yrs lol.and the issue slowly spread from one strain to the next.one strain grape crush i grew for a few yrs w no issues at all. I definitely did my research that lead to my conclusion tmv…

I would think so if it was just one strain but definitely not all 5 and after yrs w no signs at all

TMV turns part of the leaves. Bright yellow. And the coloring is splotchy. And sometimes splits colors on the whole leaf half yellow half green. Although a infection does the same thing

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Thats the vegragation it only hits some leaves. I had a propor pics from a horticulturalist from Hawaii (the head professor) it matched up perfectly.and yes it had some vegragation going on but not much

But i seriously doubt all 5 breeders had the same genetic issue that would be like 1 in 10 billion odds

Check out.broad mites?

Looks like what the problem is

Thank you for all the advice. After all the suggestions I have more questions than answers. Hopefully I will get to the bottom of it, but most importantly get the plants budding.