Winter Snow-G: Twenty20 in 2021

Hey GN growmies,

A little late to start this but i’ll get caught up:

Space: 2’x2’x4’ tent
Light: Bloomspect SL600, Bloomspect SS1000 (add in during flower and dim the SL600), two T5HO fixtures (run 6500K bulbs during veg, UVA/UVB bulb at “midday”, and 3000K bulbs during flower…have a 10000K Finisher bulb for the last two hours when possible), and RapidLED deep red and far red initiator pucks for before/after lights on and off
Air: 4” inline fan and 4” exhaust (through a 4” carbon filter), Vornado oscillating fan, and a clip fan above the lights to cycle the hot air
RH: Inkbird IHC-200 humidity controller

Strain: Snow-G fem auto (currently renamed X-Factor)
Breeder: Twenty20 Mendocino
Container: 5 gal fabric pot
Medium: Coco/perlite/FF Happy Frog (50/30/20) plus Dynomyco mycorrhizae
Nutes: Gen Hydro MaxiGro, MaxiBloom, BioRoot, CALiMAGic, AN Big Bud coco and Bud Candy, Bloom City Silica Boost

Going 18/6 with lighting for the entire grow.

Soaked in distilled water (pH 6) for 18 hrs, then moist paper towel (in a vented Ziploc) for 24-48 hrs on a heat mat at 77F.

This bean popped within 24 hrs (12.26.2021) on the paper towel and was placed in a Rapid Rooter cube soaked in dilute BioRoot (pH 6).

Left in the dark 24 hrs on the heat mat in a dome and we had a sprout. Then a cheap 5000K daylight light bulb to start and by Day 3 ready for her final home. RH around 70-80%, temps about 78-80F.

A few weeks of vegging, started feeding MaxiGro (light feed based on the bag using about 1 gram in a liter) twice a week with BioRoot + CalMag in between. Feeding Silica Boost as a foliar spray before lights out. RH around 60-65%, temps about 80-82F.

And by Day 20 (01.15.2022) she was ready to begin her training

Day 27 and we have a girl fo sho!

Day 28 (end week 4), MaxiGro at full strength and feeding as before (twice a week with BioRoot + CalMag in between and a little Bud Candy to start). Only going to do Si foliar spray a few more days. RH around 70-80%, temps about 81-85F.

Going to stop here so I don’t mess anything up and lose a huge post. Will update the remaining two weeks in a second post later…fun with supercropping this beast! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out growmies! - Jaxson


Day 35 - switched one T5HO to a 3000K Bloom bulb. Increasing UV to 1 hour a day.

Through the week growth near the other T5HO in the opposite corner started getting too close and burning…looks like i’m going to have to cut out some side lighting this run or lift it to the ceiling. Added in the other Bloomspect SS1000 around Day 40.

Day 41 - branches i’ve trained to the corners of the tent are outpacing everything, so let’s try supercropping for the first time! :crossed_fingers: Pic was just after lights on so she’s got them droopy tired eyes

Day 42 - praying the stretch is in the final week ha! Since these pics i’ve done some pruning of the lower stuff to open the bottom up for airflow.

Training wire supporting the supercropped branch, also tied down to the pot with another wire.

Pic to show where I dropped the supercropped (SC) branch next to the main

The tall branch in the back corner shot up crazy after this pic and was supercropped at Day 44.

And very last pic up to show the light coverage. The SL600 is dimmable so it goes from 15% at lights on/off and only gets cranked max at midday during UV treatment.

I love wifeys reaction when she peeks into the tent every few days, my last cultivars were small so she ain’t used to seeing big girls! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out GN growmies! :pray:


Heck yeah @jaxsonl5


@jaxsonl5 Lookin good!!

You’ve been a stealth grower for the last 45 days???
You must have been busting at the seams waiting to share this with us!!!

Glad to have you back!!!


@OlyBoy - tag :upside_down_face:

@Slym3r - :pray: and congrats on getting your awesome setup going!

@TheMadFlascher - yes indeed-y, a little longer than 45 days though :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face: Last grow was chopped at Day 70 and had almost a 3 month cure. Twenty20 Mendocino (left) and Barney’s Farm the Battle of the Zkittlez x Kush crosses

Stunted the heck outta the Barney’s though to be fair, apparently they hate being bent and are geared for SOG. Learned a bunch though and had fun! Definitely missed y’all a bit while I was away, good group here :v::green_heart:


Looking great! I like how your journal is off to a running start!


Many thanks :pray: yeah, a little head start but i’m out of shape and my legs hurt so it’s slowing down now.


Very nice. That Snow G is a monster! :metal:


Thanks @mudman, very happy with these genetics! First time I’m happy to have dropped the ball, meant to get BBP for this grow…couldn’t imagine what i’d be dealing with ha!


Did you do anything special for those massive stems holding them buds up so fine? Look fantastic for sure !



Nothing special at all, added silica into the feed regimen for that purpose but not sure if that did the trick. Thanks for the compliment Marty! :pray:

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Yes I use silicone too. This grow I was terribly dissapointed with my plants strength, never had that problem before, usally don’t even have to put in a trellis, this time they were falling all over even with a trellis. Which nutes are ya using if ya don’t mind my asking. Good grows deserve good words !


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  • General Hydroponics MaxiGro and MaxiBloom, CALiMAGic, and BioRoot
  • Advanced Nutrients Big Bud coco and Bud Candy
  • Bloom City Silica Boost

I had a couple branches on this Snow-G that were super flimsy and decided to cut them out early to focus the energy to other branches…the Whiskey Zulu was pretty solid on all arms.

Is it the OKC that you’re referring to?

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Yes, OKC is short for Orange Kush Cake. The 10 pack from Ethos in the fancy box and glass tube inside says O.K.C. on the outside. I think they package all of them that way when you get a 10 pack of Fems. There prices are at $100 for ten fems on every one they sell that I have seen. Good genetics, been pretty much exclusively growing Ethos for a few years now. Trying like hell to give something else a try, but it’s hard lol.



I was gonna grab OKC when Chitown had the singles, was searching for good Cake crosses…ended up grabbing Booberry Cookies and White Wedding Rbx fems when Auto started carrying the full lineup. A lot of Ethos grows I’ve scoped require trellising or some support to keep the buds up at the end, but you get top shelf buds with great [reported] terps and potency.

I hear you, when you’re spending a good chunk of change for seeds and find a breeder whose gear works as described it’s hard to want to run a different breeder and risk wasting months to find out if their gear blows donkey :eggplant:, or is even up to par with the one you had success with


Day 49 - Snow-G auto (Twenty20 Mendocino)

This girl can’t stop won’t stop. Started seeing tacoing on some upper fan leaves only on certain branches and been making little changes daily to see how she responds so I can try to figure it out. Had to supercrop a second branch, defol and pruning on her lower portion, and (after these pics) ended up moving her off the pot riser to gain a little more space between the canopy and lights.

Switching over to MaxiBloom only this week and just picked up AN Nirvana. My feeds are usually every four days 1 liter of Silica Boost, 1 liter of main nutes (MaxiBloom going forward) plus CalMag, and 1 liter of supplements (AN Big Bud and Bud Candy, now adding Nirvana) plus CalMag. Then in between I do plain pH’d water or the supplement mix.

Front left was the stuff that got scorched by the corner T5HO that has since been moved above the canopy and is only used for periodic treatment with the PureUV T5HO. Only using one now that is in the back corner and has a 3000K AgroMax Bloom T5HO.

Have around 40 days or so to stack and frost up :cold_face: started noticing a little forming around day 47

Thanks for checking us out GN growmies! :v::green_heart::fire:


Well shit did I miss a few weeks! Been busy round these parts so i’ll catch up at Day 70.

Day 70 - Snow-G (X Factor OG) auto by Twenty20 Mendocino
Cut MaxiBloom at Day 67, expecting this auto to go around 90-95 days. I feed heavy and last grow got very little fade with a 2-week flush period, so i’m cutting base nutes a lil earlier this time and will cut supplements (AN Big Bud, Nirvana, and Bud Candy) at the 2.5 week mark.

my main regret this run is not supercropping this branch in the back left corner, this girl is front loaded but would’ve had a pretty even canopy if it was cropped over the back…i’ll measure at chop but it’s about 3 ft long and was one of the first branches to get LST, this is about the upper foot or so of it

and some bud pics with flash for the flavor crystals

Thanks for checkin us out growmies! :v::green_heart:


Welp, I thought I forgot my keys (aka journal update) somewhere. Let’s wrap this one up LOL!

Chopped this Snow-G* (F5) autoflower (Twenty20 Mendocino) at Day 91 but shoulda been a 95-100 day cultivar. *Now called X-Factor OG auto.

Last pic before lights out and chop!

I always forget to snap a pic of the whole lot, but had bagged smalls and small-mid size buds. Here’s a tray of the larger ones before going into Grove bags for 3 months.

The buds are nice and dense, and given a few more days would’ve just been icing on the cake. Had some small lowers and trim mistake tester buds that had an “earthy” (I guess, :man_shrugging:) just classic bud smell with a hint of lemon grove. Flavor tastes like weed going in and semi-gassy burnt rubber on the tongue upon exhale. Looking forward to seeing how the smoke is after cure! She dumped a ton of kief during trim so we’ll see how she washes in ice water too. Last of the tester smalls

Overall yield was 170 g with 25 g trim to wash for ice hash! I was shooting for 3-4 oz by growing out one of Twenty20’s “large” autoflower cultivars, this one overshot expectations and was too much for my 2x2’ tent LOL! Got a little over a gram of kief too from trim (150 um screen on Trim Bin), this was the main jar

Happy weekend GN growmies, stay lit! :v: :green_heart:


Nice haul, from the looks it appears it was all nice dense bud !

Glad to see you back in the ‘Network’ !
Are you getting ready for another summer grow??


Thanks Bob, been having some login issues that haven’t allowed me to join in the fun, then got busy with life. But i’ve been around recently admiring the flowers and :heart:ing things when I can login, just not much commenting :wink:

Currently nearing mid grow (Day 35) with a Blueberry auto that could’ve used the BBP treatment, she’d be a beastly mother vegger! She’s been a slow mover but we’ll see :man_shrugging: This was last week’s shot, tomorrow’s school picture day for this young lady (and her sister Solo cup Trizzlers autoflower hanging out in the fabric pot handle)

Tent runs too hot in the summer so i’ll shut down after this grow, regroup/clean and check equipment, then start with BBP in the fall my good man :+1: