With $/lb Down Nationally, Increasing Margins is More Important than Ever

We all remember when a pound of outdoor could go for $3,500+. As the market has grown it has become more accessible to the masses and resulted in more volume being moved than ever before. With this growth growers have also seen a rise in competition and significant drops in pricing. This has become very taxing on growers, especially for boutique growers who are not producing at the same scale as large greenhouses. Collecting data about your grow is the best way to ensure that you’re spending time and money on activities that will result in consistently high quality, high yielding, and profitable product.

Cannabis cultivation has seen an influx in technology solutions, yet for many cultivators production processes still require recording information by hand. These activities are tedious, error-prone, and expensive. Growers are spending way too much time collecting and analyzing data. To streamline that process, Trym monitors environmental conditions, equipment data, energy use, and workforce data. In addition to sensors and data analytics, Trym translates this data into the impact it has on your operation. By displaying how much you spend on labor and energy, which account for nearly 75% of indoor cannabis production costs, you can easily track how these factors contribute to your bottom line from your mobile device.

In an industry where consistency for your clientele is key to sustaining a successful business, it’s essential to track and understand key performance metrics. Collecting and utilizing historical data is a priceless tool for growers at any level. Trym tracks batches from seedling through harvest, with a complete history of environmental conditions, tasks, and costs to identify trends that impact yield and profitability. With Trym you can use information from previously successful, high yielding batches and recreate your success time and time again. That information combined with the convenience of real-time monitoring keeps you aware of the primary factors affecting your grow. This allows you to maintain a hands-on approach while also ensuring you’re focusing on the most important issues facing your business.

We’d love to hear how you’re currently managing data within your operation, or any thoughts, comments or questions you have on the topic.

For anyone going to MJ Biz, come say “Hi!” and take an iPad tour of our software in booth 1401.

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2nd Top Shelf, has come from $10 a gram, to $5 to $6 in some dispensaries in Az.

3rd A friend got a great Ounce for $30 in Southern Colorado.

4th We are seeing prices for Smokeable Top Grade 20% CBD hemp go for $5 a gram without THC

5th The Hemp Market is going to take the USA by storm.

Side News, Jeff Sessions resigned, the Anti Cannabis AG will not be missed!

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