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Workplace Safety Concerns

Hey everyone!

As a company dedicated to protecting the community from light radiation, we want to initiate a conversation on safe cultivation practices.

We’d love to know about your workplace safety concerns. From exposure to chemicals and light radiation, to repetitive strain injuries, what are some common risks you’ve come across in your years of growing? And what are you doing now to avoid or reduce those risks?

Although we manufacture gear to protect growers from light radiation, we know there are many other safety areas that need attention. Thanks for your participation in fostering a safer cannabis environment. We look forward to your comments!

-Brittany & Your RayWear Team
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On the extraction side of things we have:

  • Dust-based respiratory hazards (trim dust aggravating allergies, hazardous molds and fungi in biomass).

  • Gas-based respiratory hazards, ranging from butane used in the extractors and purging processes, to cleaning solvents like isopropanol / acetone, etc.

  • Electrical and fire hazards associated with extraction equipment. I know someone who ended up looking like Freddy Krueger because he accidentally sucked pressurized liquid solvent through a vacuum pump that wasn’t explosion proof.

  • High-pressure hazards (I’ve seen a brass nut get launched like freaking bullet propelled by 100PSI, put a dent in the side of a recovery tank clear on the other side of the room!). Even low pressure applications, if handled improperly, can result in a glassware breakage sending shards of glass flying.

  • HEAVY equipment, large 6"x48" extraction tubes can weigh in excess of 80lbs, over 100-120lbs when fully loaded with biomass, the jacket filled with liquid, and top and bottom lid-and-filter-plate assemblies are clamped on. I know someone who is literally missing a toe because he dropped a tube on his foot. Luckily that wasn’t in this facility.


Electrical and respiratory issues are always a huge concern


As a new fast-pacing industry, unfortunately, many important aspects are overlooked, including safety measures and environmental resources. It is good to know that you are working on safety aspects of cultivation and processing. I think respiratory issues at this time are critical until the cultivation and sanitation practices are standardized to the point that the use of aggressive cleaning, pest controls, etc. are minimized.
And of course, light protection is significant as well.


This is a nice review on the topic:


I havent read your article yet, but I agree that this is an important aspect overlooked far too often!:cowboy_hat_face: